Company to Produce Super-Strong Marijuana Pill

It seems the only way the marijuana industry can convince the federal government that cannabis is effective medicine is to propose the herb be marketed in terms that fat cat politicians and other brainwashed regulators can understand — produce it in pill form. Which is exactly what the Denver-based medical marijuana company, United Cannabis Corporation plans to do as soon as it acquires a patent for its particular brand of cannabinoids.

Reports from The Denver Business Journal indicates that United Cannabis recently submitted an application to the US Patent and Trademark Office in hopes of obtaining the copyrights for its Prana Bio Nutrient Medicinals, a specialized strain developed by the company to treat patients suffering from serious conditions. The company hopes to increase its position within the medical marijuana marketplace by allowing their strain, which has shown efficacy in reestablishing homeostasis, to be distributed all over the world in pill form.

“We’ve been able to exploit this effect and have developed treatment programs and protocols to treat a wide variety of disorders,” said Tony Verzura, chief technology officer for United Cannabis, adding that their goal is not to just treat the symptoms, but actually reverse the condition.

“Our focus is not on the treatment of symptoms of disease, but rather on reversing the underlying pathology that drives and contributes to specific disorders. These patents stem from that unique approach and the success we have seen for patients using our Prana products and ACT Now Program,” said Verzura.

The next step for United Cannabis is to conduct a series of clinical trials, which includes multiple phases of safety and efficacy trials, according to Verzura. The company recently signed a 10-year distribution deal with Amsterdam-based DNA Genetics, which will cultivate and develop the new pot pill in all licensed geographic areas to avoid breaking laws that prohibit the sale or transfer of marijuana plants between markets, according to a press release.

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