Ex-WWE Star Val Venis Proclaims Pot Saved His Life

Former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Val Venis has been a huge proponent of medicinal cannabis for years, and in a interview published Sunday by the Inquisitr, Venis flat-out stated marijuana “actually saved my life.”

The 44-year old Venis (whose real name is Sean Morley) explained that he had six pins inserted into his shoulder as part of a medical procedure and that his elbows always hurt. He took anti-inflammatory and other pain medication but was concerned about the long-term side effects of such drugs.

All of that changed for Venis around seven years ago.

“When I found out about marijuana and started utilizing that instead, in 2008, I came off all pharmaceuticals and never looked back,” he said. “I could smoke marijuana and eat marijuana for the rest of my life and never suffer any liver disease or kidney failure due to pills.The pills will get you every single time, with marijuana, you could be 110-years old and still smoke it.”

Venis, who left WWE in 2009, opened his own medicinal marijuana business, the Purple Haze Lounge in Arizona in 2014, and loves to educate the public on the truth about medical pot.

“There is so much cannabis can do,” Venis explained. “I don’t think people have any reason to fear it at all.”

At his Twitter account, Venis refers to himself as “Kaptain Kannabis” and along with his inspirational tweets, shares links to medical pot news and info.

Venis is hopeful that recreational marijuana will be legalized in Arizona in 2016 so that he can reopen his vapor lounge that formerly served medical pot patients until being shut down over a relocation issue.

In the meantime, Venis will continue to spread the word on weed in order to help create “a huge paradigm shift in the way people feel and think about cannabis.”

You can read the entire Val Venis interview (which includes an audio link) HERE.

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