Fireworks Anxiety? Here’s How Cannabis Can Help Your Dog

Convinced that my 15-year-old dog Rosa was practically deaf, I was relieved for her as the Fourth of July was approaching, which meant loud noises and flashing lights that most canines find intolerable on their nervous systems.

However, when Independence Day revelers began blowing off their M-80s, cherry bombs, quarter-sticks and Roman candles in the park beneath my apartment window, Rosa trembled, whined then squeezed her chubby body under my bed.

Even the smell of sulfur can be traumatic for a dog whose sense of smell overpowers our own by orders of magnitude – 10,000 to 100,000 times as acute, say scientists at the Sensory Research Institute at Florida State University.

Indeed, animal hospitals report that they see up to a 25 percent increase in visits over the 4th of July holiday.

Thankfully, I had just the right remedy on hand: CBD-infused pet treats – not to be confused with human edibles made with THC.

So, the dog treats were administered and within a half-hour, a very tranquil dog wagged her tail in appreciation.

As Rosa was was experiencing arthritis, I had been advised several months earlier by a colleague to try CBD-rich dog treats instead of anti-inflammatory medication that can cause liver damage and other side effects.

Side effects of the CBD that both Rosa and I very much appreciated, especially considering that most Fourth of July fireworks start crackling in the air as early as the July 1, were the calmed nerves and reduction of anxiety.

Healthy and safe dog treats are available on the market. Here are some places to start looking:

One is Treatibles, created by Julianna Carella in which she uses cannabis oil derived from AC/DC plants to infuse one milligram of CBD into each treat.

Therabis is another line of pet dietary supplements containing CBD and recommended by veterinarians to reduce anxiety and help dogs “keep their cool.”

Recently Barkables, announced the launch of a new product line of highly refined CBD oils for dogs.

So, forget the thunder shirt and harmful meds. Help your furry friend enjoy Independence Day with a safe, hemp-based remedy.

They may still choose to stay under the bed for the finale, but at least they’ll be relaxed.

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