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Talking sex out loud with Angela Mustone.
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No partner this Valentine’s Day? No problem. How about having sex with someone you love, like yourself? Angela Mustone focuses on products that make solo playtime time well spent.

After crossing over from the global, 33 billon dollar, mainstream sexual health and wellness industry, into the multi-million dollar cannabis industry, Mustone made it her mission to help women have longer-lasting and more stimulating orgasms.

When Canada legalized cannabis at the end of 2018, Angela Mustone set her sights on pleasure. With 15 years prior experience as a sales and marketing professional in the global sexual health and wellness market, adding cannabis to the mix, she said, was a game-changer.

“Combining the stimulating oil I was familiar with in the mainstream sex market with cannabis was nothing short of amazing,” she shared. “My own successful trials were immediate and I began sharing the formulation with friends, with excellent feedback.”

While the products she’s created for her company, HighOnLove, are for any combination of couples play, Mustone’s solo play for women is something she’s passionate about. As more and more women are being open about enjoying sex and having better orgasms, products like Mustone’s are peaking curiosity and the libido.

According to a paper published in the National Library of Medicine (National Institute of Health, NIH) there are several types of plants used in the mainstream sexual stimulation market including aster, rose, bacopa monnieri, and pomegranate – with cannabis going far beyond in enticement, helping the partaker have longer, more pronounced, and often multiple organsms.

As a footnote, cannabis stimulating oils, when put into the vaginal canal, eases the pain that ensues during menopause. You are welcome.

Angela Mustone / Courtesy HighOnLove

Sexual Healing

Traditionally and historically, women have been quiet about their own pleasure, with men unaware of what to do with, or oblivious to the clitoris, and women quietly guiding them – that is, when they felt comfortable enough to do so.

In 1948, Alfred Kinsey published his tell-all, “Sexuality and the Human Male,” with the sex researcher stating that males were participating in extramarital sex, homosexuality, and masturbation with greater frequency than had been acknowledged.

University of Florida history professor, Alan Petigny, reported in the Journal of Social History in 2004, that post-WWII statistics on childbirth found that the sexual revolution began after the war, from the 1940s into the 1950s, when people had a new sense of freedom. 

Though they still weren’t talking openly about sex, they were starting to break free of the traditional restraints. The onslaught of babies that ensued in the 1950s would be enough to give the moniker of “Baby Boomers” to an entire generation.

The in-your-face “sexual revolution” that seemingly took off in the 1960s, was spawned, in part, by the use of cannabis and psychedelics. Women felt liberated to openly admit to having sex outside of marriage and with multiple partners. By 1970, “Love the One Your With,” was crooned by the late, great singer/songwriter Stephen Stills, defining the “free love” movement. 

In 1975, Lonnie Barbach penned For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality, giving detailed instructions to women on how to pleasure themselves. But, more importantly, it gave women a voice where they were once silent. Her inspirational DIY attitude also empowered women to feel that they could pleasure themselves without the help of a partner – something that was not openly discussed.

Barbach’s book, on the heels of the Summer of Love in 1969, may have also encouraged the sex toy boom, said to have begun in the 1970s. Tupperware had been brought into the living rooms of women across the country since 1948; but when sex toys were shared in the privacy of one’s home, among friends, enlightenment and inspiration in the bedroom followed.

Courtesy HighOnLove

Transformational Pleasure

Mustone uses the products she develops herself for intimacy, including solo playtime.

“Given the transformational experiences I’ve had using cannabis to boost pleasure in the bedroom, I often use infused topicals for intimacy purposes,” she shared. “I’ll always be a major advocate using cannabis to spice up your love life with a partner, but it can be great for self-love, as well.”

Educating the masses, while doing away with negative stigmas for both cannabis and sexual play, is something Mustone is serious about. 

“The comfort level is definitely changing when it comes to women reaching out and asking for help with sexual play,” she said. “Like the cannabis industry, the mainstream sex market has been male-dominated for a very long time, and it’s been nice seeing women coming into their own.”

With 60% of the sexual health and wellness markets’ buyers now women, the strength of their buying power can’t be denied. Educating on sexual play, however, never ends, per Mustone.

“We often discuss fellatio when we table products, as I developed a lip gloss for that purpose,” she said. “I’m always surprised to see women asking just what fellatio is. I did a pop-up shop in the Hamptons and a couple were inquiring. It was an educating moment!”

To define, fellatio is the act of performing oral sex on the male penis. More crudely put, a “blow job.” Cunnilingus is the act of performing oral sex on female genitals, with the clitoris and labia as the organs producing orgasms via thousands of nerve endings. This is where cannabis excels. Add stimulation from the penis or sex toy to the “Gräfenberg spot,” otherwise known as the “G-spot,” located in the vaginal canal, and the orgasm intensifies. 

“We need to give permission to pleasure ourselves,” she surmised. “I’m not a doctor or a medical professional, I just want to share between sisters. I’ve traveled to many countries with this industry – before and after cannabis – and it breaks my heart the amount of women who have not had even one little orgasm. That needs to change.”

The benefits of the orgasm are plentiful. According to Health, orgasms boost moods via production of oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, and prolactin.

Interesting to note, prolactin is the primary compound initiating milk production after pregnancy, helping a mother and child bond. It’s also one of the components stimulated after orgasm, and may play a larger role in the bonding of our souls during sex.

Courtesy HighOnLove

The Business of Pleasure

With a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) in marketing from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, speaking three languages, Italian, French, “and some English,” she laughed, Mustone’s goal in helping others fulfill their sexual needs with hemp and cannabis is global.

“Right now I’m focused on product development, business implementation, patents, and international sales,” she said. “Due to different laws in different countries and states within the U.S., distribution gets complicated. For instance, I can only market my products with hemp seed in Canada, CBD in all U.S. States, and some THC products in certain states. Thankfully, there are more and more entire countries getting on board for cannabis in all its forms.”

Helping and working with women continues to be a priority, and her company employs seven women, including her sister, Debra Mustone – who she said is irreplaceable.

“My sister is my confidant, my therapist, and sometimes my dog-sitter,” she mused. “She’s my other half. I couldn’t do this without her.”

Since her experience in the mainstream sexual health market was international, she’s setting her sights on continuing to add many countries to her portfolio, including Australia and countries throughout Europe.

Her bigger picture includes having her own HighOnLove cannabis blended sexual pleasure shops.

“My retail project will be sex shops with cannabis as a main component,” she said. “Furthering my goal of normalizing the two together. The cannabis and hemp products have been very well received within the mainstream sex market and I couldn’t be happier.”

For more information on HighOnLove visit https://highonlove.store/ 

  1. Ms. Letts,
    Thanks for sharing Mustone’s website & her vision. I have to admit that when I read “We need to give permission to pleasure ourselves” or “women reaching out and asking for help with sexual play” it makes me feel I’ll never satisfy a cis female or truly understand their sexuality. The receiving of bodily fluid is what makes sex magical imo. Out of curiosity I put my lover’s fluid in my rectum and had a vision of her growing a lying Pinocchio nose before going into deep sleep that night. Her fluid warned me she has a dishonest nature. Ever since then I’ve always put my fluid up my rectum after masturbating.

    1. Today, Fox59 reported Indiana lawmakers voted to block state funding to the Kinsey Institute. Sex is dying in Indiana. Flirting starts with women and Indiana has a severe OBESITY problem that is killing sexuality & attractiveness of her people. We also have the lonely poor virgin male problem that’s spreading across the nation. A rational male in this situation would conclude forces want him to be a degenerate homosexual with tranny fantasies.

      1. Just to be clear Im NOT a plus-size hater. One of your fellow journalists struggled with his weight at one point in life and overcame that. I respect him. Men who are overweight can still be viewed as attractive because women like a large build.

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