Marijuana and Ebola

We know marijuana is an effective treatment for a number of serious conditions, including cancer and epilepsy, but does the medicinal herb have the power to cure the latest threat to the America population: the Ebola virus?

A number of news stories went viral last week persuading the average citizen into believing that smoking weed has the capacity to snuff out the nasty little bug that some US health officials believe could cause a full-blown pandemic.

Unfortunately, despite optimistic suggestions by former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who recently told Fox News that his company, Cannabis Sativa Inc., believes that marijuana could be effective in treating Ebola, there does not appear to be any concrete evidence to support these claims.

Dr. David B. Allen, the medical director for Cannabis Sativa, Inc. states that cannabis is a genuine regulator of the immune system processes for those suffering from HIV. With cannabis revered for its ability to kill viruses, Dr. Allen says that it only makes sense that the herb could prevent hemorrhaging and cell leaking, two of the deadliest factors associated with Ebola.

On Thursday, Gary Johnson told reporters that his comments last week regarding marijuana and Ebola were meant to imply that there are grounds for conducting additional research on the matter because certain cannabis compounds could have success in alleviating the fatality rates of this disease.

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