Missouri Airs First Medical Marijuana Commercial

A marijuana advocacy group in Missouri, Show-Me Cannabis, just released the first commercial in the state, promoting medical cannabis reform.

The powerful 30-second video entitled “Guilty” features local actors on a set mimicking police mug shots, holding up cards with their profession and booking number. They each admit, “I am guilty” for using cannabis to medicate various ailments and pains, such as epilepsy and chemotherapy.

“2016 is going to be pivotal year for medical marijuana laws in Missouri. We feel this video really grabs viewer attention, provokes thought, and encourages education about the issue,” said John Payne, Executive Director of Show-Me Cannabis.

While Missouri state lawmakers, up to now, have refused to pass significant medical marijuana laws, Governor Jay Nixon signed a bill into law in 2014 that allows for the use of hemp oil for children with rare forms of epilepsy.

Now, there is the possibility of two competing proposals seeking to put medical marijuana legalization on the statewide ballot in 2016.

Proponents, remembering past efforts that failed, say things will be different this time, citing internal polls showing significant statewide support along with the hope that a presidential election year will result in larger voter turnout.

“We think it has a good shot,” said John Payne in an interview with the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch.

The well-made online ad, “Guilty,” could surely help.

The ad is available for viewing on the non-profit crowd-funding website, Gladitood.com where it is trying to raise money to support public education efforts around medical cannabis policy in Missouri.

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