New Survey Finds Nearly 1 in 6 MS Patients Use Medical Pot

New survey data has revealed that 16 percent of all multiple sclerosis patients currently use medicinal cannabis and 25 percent have tried medical pot at least once to treat symptoms of the debilitating disease.

Over 5,600 MS patients were interviewed for the study commissioned by the North American Research Committee on MS. The findings were presented during the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis 2015 Annual Meeting held May 27 – 30 in Indianapolis.

The majority of participants reported that medical marijuana was efficacious in treating MS effects such as pain and spasticity, and patients with advanced symptoms were more likely to self-medicate with weed. A mere five percent said pot was personally ineffective.

An encouraging 82 percent of all respondents indicated they would consider using medi-pot for MS if it were legal in their respective state.

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