New Zealand Has No Plans to Close 40-Year-Old Medical Marijuana Loophole

Last month, a New Zealand attorney was able to help her client avoid a lengthy jail sentence after exposing a loophole in New Zealand's law, which allows patients to import a one-month supply of medical marijuana into the country. And on Thursday, Peter Dunne, the country's associate health minister confirmed that the law will not be changed. 

"That has been in the law for over 40 years, and applies to all medicinal products, not just cannabis-related products," Dunne explained.

But don't start packing your bags for New Zealand just yet. 

According to the New Zealand news website, Dunne said that the importation of a cannabis-related product would be "subject to border control requirements, but that it will not be possible to bring in raw cannabis as it is prohibited by law."

And New Zealand Customs does not want you bringing cannabis, in any shape or form, into the country, stating that the department's policy is to seize any marijuana products brought into the country by arriving passengers.

"Even if it is disclosed on the arrivals form, is lawfully obtained overseas, was supported by a medical prescription and is for a months supply or less," a Customs official said in a statement, explaining the border control's operating procedures.

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