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State’s First Medical Marijuana Drive-Thru Opens In Sun City, Arizona

State's First Medical Marijuana Drive-Thru Opens In Sun City, Arizona

The Grand Canyon State’s first medical marijuana drive-thru opens in Sun City, Arizona today (Oct. 27) at 5 p.m. And owners are hoping the new location will offer medical cannabis patients in Arizona something special.

All Greens Dispensary now resides near the intersection of Bell Road and 99th Avenue in Sun City. The dispensary is celebrating its grand (re-)opening with a few new features.

Formerly, All Greens set up shop in Surprise, AZ. The move to the new Sun City location, and the addition of the state’s first medical cannabis drive-thru was motivated by an interest in better-serving the folks who rely on medical cannabis every day.

And since All Greens’ new establishment happens to be a former bank building with a fully operational drive-thru, the new spot is a perfect fit.

State’s First Medical Marijuana Drive-Thru Opens In Sun City, Arizona To Serve Elderly & Disabled

The medical cannabis demographic in Arizona is primarily outpatients who are elderly, have disabilities, or who face difficulties getting inside the dispensary. Sun City, AZ already has an older demographic. The new location caters to them.

The drive-thru is primarily for easing access for those patients. For those with wheelchairs and walkers, the drive-thru is a much more convenient option.

But the All Greens drive-thru can also serve medical cannabis clients who know what they want and don’t need to shop around inside the dispensary. In this case, the drive-thru is all about convenience.

It’s also about safety and security, not just for the staff, but for patients as well. “With all the cameras and all the lights it’s really wide-open, patients feel really safe here,” said Anthony Harrington, CEO of All Greens Dispensary.

Indeed, state-approval of the dispensary’s drive-thru service was contingent on the business’s ability to ensure safe and secure transactions.

And that’s why first-time patients won’t be able to use the drive-thru from the outset. Instead, newcomers will have to enter the dispensary to officially register as a patient.

However, after initial registration, patients can use the drive-thru as much as they need. “We are going to kind of incorporate a Dutch Bros. philosophy,” explained Harrington.

All Greens Drive-Thru To Offer State’s Best Selection of Cannabis Products

Beyond safety and security, Harrington is focusing on product selection and customer service.

Trained budtenders will facilitate every sale with the drive-thru. They’ll engage with the patients, take their orders, confirm the orders, and verify the identity and documents of the patients receiving their medical cannabis.

And medical cannabis patients are no doubt eager to see what’s on offer as the state’s first medical marijuana drive-thru opens in Sun City, Arizona.

All Greens Dispensary offers the full spread. Products include concentrates, vapes, topicals, tinctures, and of course, dried flower.

But All Greens is also claiming bragging rights to having the largest selection of edibles in the state.

They even have an assortment of pet products available. And on top of all that, All Greens is rolling out a free, Valley-wide delivery service for registered patients.

The grand opening event, which will kick off October 27 at 5 p.m., will feature food, drinks, live music, prizes, and special discounted pricing. Harrington expects more than 1,000 people will be in attendance.

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