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10 Best Strains to Improve Your Workout

Having trouble getting to the gym? Well if you’re not a fan of overstimulating pre-workouts and expensive supplements in general, you may want to try smoking weed before the gym.

Top 10 Strains to Improve Your Work Out
Dan Skye/High Times

While smoking does have a somewhat unwarranted reputation for making its users lazy and tired, that’s not always the case.There are certain strains that can invigorate its users with a cerebral, energetic high that provides not only the perfect motivation to hit the gym, but gives you the energy needed for a killer workout. The best part about smoking weed before a workout—it’s all natural, unlike your standard over-the-shelf supplements. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 strains to improve your workout.

10. Sour Cheese

10 Best Strains to Improve Your Workout

Justin Cannabis/High Times

Sour Cheese is a hybrid that bestows its users with a nice balanced high—a perfect mix of high energy and a relaxed mental state. Being slightly sativa-dominant (around 60/40), it should provide the user with enough juice to get through a workout, without making you crash towards the end of it.

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