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Study: Employees in Medical Marijuana States Take Fewer Sick Days



medical marijuana

A new study published this month in the journal Health Economics has found that medical marijuana may be the key to keeping employees healthy and happy.

SF Gate reports that researchers found a “statistically significant declines in employee sick leave in states that allow safe and legal access to medical cannabis.” According to the numbers, illness-related employee absences dropped between eight and 15 percent in medical marijuana states compared to states that still prohibit medicinal pot. 

“Utilizing the Current Population Survey, the study identifies that absences due to sickness decline following the legalization of medical marijuana,” author Darin F. Ulman wrote. “The effect is stronger in states with ‘lax’ medical marijuana regulations, for full-time workers, and for middle-aged males, which is the group most likely to hold medical marijuana cards.”

“Although there is not a direct identification of those who use marijuana for medical purposes in the data, overall sickness absence is reduced for those in age and gender groups most likely to be cardholders,” the report continued. “Given the lack of prior studies, more research is warranted in this area.”