The Sacred Plant: The Medicine and Politics Behind Marijuana

Learn how medical marijuana could work for you from doctors, scientists and survivors in this new free docuseries.
The Sacred Plant: The Medicine and Politics Behind Marijuana
The Sacred Plant. Pictured: Cash Hyde.

Most Americans support medical marijuana, but few know how to use it and/or how to explain its benefits to a skeptical loved one. That’s where The Sacred Plant comes in. This docuseries hears from doctors, scientists and survivors who attest to the life-saving effects of cannabis, and the tragic realities of marijuana prohibition.

Season 2, The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Examined, will premier on June 20th at 9 pm EST. In it, you’ll learn the facts, prejudices and politics behind medical cannabis.

Meet the First Child Medical Marijuana Patient

The Sacred Plant: The Medicine And Politics Behind Marijuana
The Sacred Plant. The first image shows Cash Hyde after a Stem Cell Transplant. He is healthy and happy after beginning medical marijuana treatment in the second photo.

Season 2 will follow Cash Hyde, the first child medical cannabis patient in the United States. When Cash was 18-months old, doctors diagnosed him with malignant and aggressive brain cancer. To treat his cancer and the pain caused by chemotherapy, Cash took eight different medications. These were so toxic that his liver and other organs were failing. Doctors gave Cash only two weeks to live.

To save their son, the Hyde’s convinced Cash’s doctor to take him off his medication. Secretly, they started giving him medical cannabis instead. The results were astonishing. All of a sudden, Cash was sleeping for 8 hours at a time. Before he couldn’t sleep for more than 20 minutes without waking. And after not eating for a month, Cash woke up and asked his parents for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Cash Hyde beat cancer with medical cannabis while off his prescribed medications.

Despite Cash’s miraculous recovery, there was one big problem: the Hyde family lived in Montana, where the State Official repelled the voter initiative for the law that would have given the Cash Hyde safe access to the medical marijuana he needed. With no other options, the Hyde’s began growing marijuana in their backyard. They turned the plant into a tincture to give to their son.

Despite proof that medical marijuana was the only thing keeping Cash alive and healthy, law enforcement threatened the Hyde family. At one point, a local sheriff illegally cut down Cash’s legal plants, which were grown by his caregiver. Cash’s parents were forced to travel thousands of miles in search of what we call the Sacred Plant.

Patients Share Cannabis Success Stories

The Sacred Plant: The Medicine And Politics Behind Marijuana
Patrick Garret/Vimeo. Pictured: Stan Rutner holding his medical marijuana.

The Sacred Plant shares many powerful stories like Cash Hyde’s. In it, you will hear from chronic pain, autoimmune, autism, seizure and cancer patients. The series even interviews a 4-time Grammy award winner about her experience with the plant. In each case, medical cannabis drastically changed the prognosis and, with it, the patient’s life.

The docuseries’ host, John Malanca, has witnessed the power of cannabis first-hand. His father-in-law, Stan Rutner, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer with metastasis to his brain. Given two weeks to live, Stan went into hospice care. John and his wife Corinne decided to give Stan marijuana to improve his quality of life in his last days.

But the plant had a miraculous result: Stan stayed in hospice care for six months instead of two weeks. Today, it will be seven years since Stan’s terminal diagnosis. He continues to enjoy life, cancer free. Moved by Stan’s journey and the power of cannabis, John and Corinne Malanca founded United Patients Group to spread the truth about this plant.

Cannabis has helped many who thought they would never get better. The Sacred Plant‘s only goal is to share these stories of hope and empower you with information about your medical options.

The Medicine and Politics Behind Marijuana

The Sacred Plant: The Medicine And Politics Behind Marijuana
The Sacred Plant. Pictured: 8-year-old Oliver, who has cancer. Before his parents began cannabis treatment, doctors told them that Oliver wouldn’t live past age 2.

Ever wanted to know why cannabinoids have such a profound effect on the immune system or how medical marijuana can heal a specific condition? Season 2 of The Sacred Plant gives voice to medical doctors and scientists who explain the proven benefits of taking cannabis for a variety of conditions.

It also explores the complicated process of getting medical marijuana. This means obtaining a marijuana card, finding a doctor and learning what specific forms of cannabis are best for each patient’s use.

But marijuana isn’t just medicine. For some governments and corporations, it’s a substance that needs to be restricted and stigmatized at any cost. The Sacred Plant gets to the root of widespread prejudice against medical cannabis.

Specifically, it exposes the US government’s patent on marijuana’s medical benefits, which it licenses to large pharmaceutical companies. The series also reveals the reasons behind cannabis’ misclassification as a Schedule I drug.

The Sacred Plant: Free Education On Cannabis for Everyone

The Sacred Plant: The Medicine And Politics Behind Marijuana
The Sacred Plant. Pictured: Cindy Liceaga, who has Hodgkin’s Disease and Cancer.

Marijuana can save lives, but few understand how. This series aims to spread the word that cannabis is a life-restoring medicine. Whether you’re curious about its uses or know a skeptical loved one who needs help, The Sacred Plant can help you get the information you need.

Founder Manny Goldman explained that many of his Season 1 viewers were initially prejudiced against cannabis. “The biggest feedback we got was: ‘I can’t believe how naive I was. Thank you for converting me’,” Goldman told High Times.

To get free access to the whole series, sign up for The Sacred Plant here.

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