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Medical marijuana struggled for legitimacy for decades before the recent shift in public opinion. As a result, its testing, discovery, and prescription were left to a shadowy corner of the medical community, where the medicine in question couldn’t be legally tested through research studies or medical trials. Nevertheless, medical marijuana communities like California has continued providing cannabis to those who discovered, through personal experience, that it works for their ailments. Now that the tide is finally turning, more states are legalizing medical marijuana, and the federal government is slowly lumbering into a stance matching public opinion, isn’t it time for the “medicine” side of medical marijuana to enter the mainstream?

Jason Draizin thinks it’s about time that we start treating cannabis as a serious treatment. He started MarijuanaDoctors.com so that patients can link with doctors and find the right method and dosage for their particular ailment, all while remaining fully compliant with the laws in their state. Operating in New York, Draizin recognizes the limitations and growing pains of newly implemented medical marijuana laws at a state level, and his mission is to ensure that patients aren’t left behind by the bureaucratic timelines of state governments.

Describe your involvement with cannabis in all aspects, personal, professional, etc.

I first got involved in the Cannabis Industry back in ’09 when I moved to California to explore the marijuana market there. As I studied the evolution of these mom and pop pot businesses, it became blatantly apparent that, on the medical side of the industry, doctors and subsequently dispensaries were inadvertently violating the Hippocratic Oath and breaking the federal laws that govern medical steering and pharmaceutical pushing. I recognized this as a need for a streamlined infrastructure to help monitor and govern the principles of the programs laid out by each state. With this understanding I began architecting and developing the online network known as MCN. Now, this network hosts a range of web properties including but not limited to, MarijuanaDoctors.com, PotLocator.com, StrainBrain.com, 420Friendly.com, Cheeba.com, 420MLS.com, SaferThanSmoking.com, MarijuanaInsurnace.net, and MedicalCannabis.net.

MCN is my vision, and an opportunity to try and create a successful and superior system for a newly emerging industry. With over $2.5 million invested into the software development and test trials of this online ecosystem, the system has been designed such that it will accurately account for both state and federal law without any misstep or confusion. And it is our aim and mission to continue to fully figure out and integrate all the essential symbiotic relations that cannabis could have within every sector of our society.

We have spent years working with doctors and integrating our web properties to remove and overcome any limitations the real world presented, allowing our online real estate to flourish, and as the medical marijuana market continues to grow more prolific, our technology is being used as a tool with first mover advantage for marketing and date collection. The data collected is now a means of crowd-sourced understanding, which can be utilized at CME’s, and by pharmaceutical companies, or by sick individuals in order to create a better quality of life.

As each new state adopts a medical marijuana program, MarijuanaDoctors is able to then begin listing all the doctors in-state who have already applied and are on our waiting list. Next, our in-house sales team begins their job of marketing to the other physicians within the new territory, providing them with a two-part guide specifically outlined for their state’s medical marijuana program. Finally, our customer service representatives begin screening calls for our doctors based on their pre-qualification questionnaires, while also contacting the tens of thousands of patients signed up to the waiting list to inform them that there are now doctors and laws set in place for the state that they reside in.

What are some of the victories of state-level legalization in your area? 

The State of New York, and also the state of MCN headquarters, recently legalized medical marijuana. MCN is actively involved in each and every New York organization, and is in the process of acquiring its 3rd marijuana marketing ambulance, to be similarly wrapped and driven through the streets of Manhattan along with the other 2. MCN is also the presidential sponsor of the first marijuana trade show, taking place in the Marriot Hotel in Times Square. It is at this business conference that we intend to announce the NY Medical Director to MCN, and listen to his plans for New York’s roll out. MCN will also be speaking in regards to www.marijuanainsurance.net which will be offering medical malpractice coverage, and include coverage for recommendations too. This is essential in helping doctors gain their confidence to begin working with Cannabis.

What are some of the failures of state-level legalization in your area?

The New York medical marijuana program is set to begin slowly, similarly to that of the New Jersey program due to the strict nature of the outlined conditions, which can qualify a patient. Another curve ball new Yorkers must deal with is the fact that smoking is still illegal under this program. This however presented MCN with a unique opportunity to create an affiliate program for vaporizers companies that allows for their product to be offered to patients in conjunction with the doctors’ confirmation emails of the date and time of a patient’s appointments request.

Do you believe the federal government is making progress towards decriminalization or legalization?

The federal government is dragging its feet very slowly in regards to decriminalization or legalization of marijuana.

I predict that the next president will use marijuana in order to gain votes, but will then take the full eight years before actually legalizing the plant. Although I do hope, pray, wish, and dream that this administration, would at the very least, change the scheduling in order to finally permit the study of marijuana and its medical possibilities.


What is the biggest challenge facing legalization on a state level?

I think the biggest challenge facing legalization on a state level is the division between state and federal laws and opinions, in regards to cannabis and hemp. This however will only continue to hinder the industry until the scheduling is changed once and for all.

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