130 Pounds Of Weed Discovered In A Cemetery

The police are investigating a case in which 130 pounds of weed discovered In a cemetery disturbs some spirits. Not really. Here’s what’s going on.
130 Pounds of Weed Discovered In A Cemetery

Just in time for Halloween, there were 130 pounds of weed discovered in a cemetery. We have so many questions. We’re sure you all have questions, too. Here’s what we know so far about this ongoing case.

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In Redlands, California, police officers are investigating a rather ghoulish crime. Last week, 130 pounds of weed discovered in a cemetery in the town ruffled a few feathers and rattled a few bones. According to reports, an unnamed city employee found the goods. They were in Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery on October 19. There, they discovered several bags stuffed with cannabis in one of the cemetery’s trash bins. Rather than revert to the age-old “finders keepers, losers weepers” or even consider the substantial find a perk of the job, the city employee called the police and made a report.

But that wasn’t the only discovery in the cemetery that day. Later, according to city spokesperson Carl Baker, a passerby found even more weed! This time, the cannabis was discovered in two boxes just outside of Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery. What are the odds?

According to the Redlands police department, the weed weighed in at a total of almost 130 pounds. In the state of California, one pound of weed typically costs $1,300. The potential worth of 130 pounds of weed in California is $169,000. But according to the police involved in the case, the find was not worth that much due to the quality. They estimate that the 130 pounds of weed discovered in a cemetery is only worth about 10,000 bones.

As this is an ongoing investigation, specific details about it are limited. We don’t know for sure if the weed was obtained illegally or if it was some homegrown mess. In any case, the amount exceeds the legal limit of how much cannabis one is allowed to possess. And dumping it on city property is definitely not going to win anyone any favors with the police.

Final Hit: 130 Pounds of Weed Discovered In A Cemetery

130 Pounds of Weed Discovered In A Cemetery

Because of the limited available information, we can only speculate at this point. We don’t even know if one person dumped the weed in two locations, or if two people had the same idea. Here’s one possible explanation. One person had this large amount of schwag and needed to quickly stash it. They were in the cemetery already, so they made a snap decision.

Another possible theory. Two totally unrelated parties with similar intentions met by chance at the cemetery. They combined their weed into a single joint, realized that they both possessed poor quality cannabis, and decided to dump it rather than to keep it.

The most plausible theory though is this. A group obtained this huge amount of weed and brought it to the cemetery to perform some ritual to either honor the dead or to summon a spirit. They sampled the product to test the quality and were so afraid that they would offend the spirits with such low-grade pot, they panicked and dumped it. That’s probably what happened. Happy Halloween!

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