24 Top Pot Destinations

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We’ve been to nearly every weed destination on the planet—so we’re offering our assistance in formulating the ultimate bucket list for bud-loving travelers. Here are two dozen destinations, both in the U.S. and internationally, that definitely make the cut!

Denver, Colorado

Denver is the epicenter of marijuana legalization, having passed its 2012 initiative slightly before Washington State. While the city and state still wrestle with the regulation of venues for adult recreational use, numerous events are finding ways to evade the remaining prohibition on public use.

If you’re a sports fan, Denver is one of nine US cities with a pro football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer team—tailgating and infused edibles for the win! Plus the oxygen deprivation you’ll experience here from being one mile high sure makes the herb last longer.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle has a weed scene that’s a bit odd in comparison with Denver’s. You can’t grow your own, and when you buy weed in a shop, it comes in sealed packages of 1 to 28 grams instead of bulk flower that you can inspect, smell and order in whatever quantity you choose.

But the coffee is incredible, as you’d expect from a city usually under cloud cover, as are the Haze strains favored here for their energetic, heady buzz. The world’s largest “protestival,” the Seattle Hempfest, happens each year on the third weekend of August. Every toker should experience it at least once.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is every bit as quirky and Dionysian as you’ve heard. If you like a surfeit of choices in food, wine, beer, art, books, theaters, nature, sex and cannabis—and if you don’t mind that semi-annual omnipresent rain—the Rose City is the place for you.

Portland has not one but two vegan strip clubs. And if that makes no sense, just concentrate on the big, beautiful, billboard-sized pictures of concentrates and buds that you’ll see while cruising around downtown. There are boulevards in Portland where you can comparison-shop among three different dispensaries within a nine-block area.

Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage might not have made it onto your marijuana bucket list before, but don’t count out the City of Lights and Flowers: Its residents have enjoyed the right to grow and possess pot at home since 1975 (based on a privacy right enshrined in the state’s constitution), and there are some really talented growers here producing wonderful weed.

Plus it’s the only city we’ve listed from the four legal states where licensed adult-use venues are approved. In the summertime, when it stays light out, you can party through the night. In the winter, it’s dark almost all day, but you can trip out on the Aurora Borealis (a.k.a. the Northern Lights). Day or night, Matanuska Thunderfuck is your best companion.

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