Academy Dedicated to Cannabis Science Opens Its Doors in… Texas?

Texans will soon have the opportunity to learn more about the science behind cannabis, from seed to smoke.
Academy Dedicated to Cannabis Science Opens Its Doors in...Texas

A new school dedicated to cannabis science is getting ready to open in, of all places, Texas. The Dallas Ft. Worth Academy of Cannabis Science has begun enrolling students for classes beginning August 4.

Co-owner Holly Law explained that her company is part of a franchise network that is opening schools across the country. She told High Times that the parent company, Pharmacology University, recognized a need for cannabis education during its more than 10 years in the field.

“They realized as they were in this industry that there was a lack of education,” she said. “And wherever they went, people were desperate for it. They started having seminars on the weekend, but people wanted more and more, so they developed the academy.”

Schools are set to open in several more states this summer. In addition to Texas, Law said there will also be academies in Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arkansas.

The Dallas Ft. Worth Academy of Cannabis Science will begin operations with three courses of study. Students can choose from a medical cannabis course, an investment seminar, or a medical cannabis for lawyers class. The school also offers a comprehensive medical cannabis program that combines the courses.

Stigma of Cannabis Easing

Despite their conservative reputation, Texans are warming up to cannabis, according to Law. She said the stigma surrounding cannabis is lessening, spurring conversation and a thirst for education.

“People are just coming out of the woodwork about this since it’s okay to talk about marijuana right now. CBD is all they talk about out here. But, they won’t know the difference between hemp and marijuana,” Law said.

She noted that as news of the academy gets around, people are showing great interest.

“It’s been really well received, and I educate people every day. People are super excited,” she said.

Law says she spends a lot of her time educating reporters, as well as the general public. She said people from the news media seem to be well versed in cannabis policy and law, but not knowledgeable about the plant itself.

When she started receiving interview requests from media outlets, Law was a little leery at first. She feared skeptical reporters might pepper her with difficult questions. However, she said, that hasn’t been the case—reporters have been positive and receptive.

Students Appreciate Opportunity

Recruiting students to the new educational program has started out smoothly. Law said she was distributing flyers at a head shop when a customer noticed her shirt embroidered with the school’s logo. She said the young man was excited, he started jumping up and down right there in the store.

“Yes, yes!” he exclaimed. “This is what I want to do with my life!”

The prospective student explained to Law that he had been planning to move out of state to learn about the cannabis industry. Now, with this new educational opportunity at home, he doesn’t have to leave Texas.

“He was all set to go to Colorado to get educated in the field he loves, and now he doesn’t have to,” Law said.

Cannabis knowledge is beginning to bloom in the Lone Star state. For more information about the The Dallas Ft. Worth Academy of Cannabis Science, check out their site.

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