Amendment 3 Passes in Missouri, Legalizing Cannabis

Despite Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s recent opposition to Missouri’s ballot initiative, voters believe otherwise.

Residents of The Show Me State approved Amendment 3 to legalize recreational cannabis on Nov. 8. The Missouri Constitution will now be amended to allow for cannabis sales, possession, consumption, delivery, and manufacturing. Additionally, it automatically allows anyone convicted of a non-violent cannabis crime or offense to be release from incarceration, or to clear their records via expungement.

The amendment will also implement a 6% tax on cannabis, which will be allocated to fund veteran healthcare, drug treatments, and the public defender system. (Local governments may implement a sales taxes of up to 3%.)

The campaign to legalize was led by Legal MO 2022, which raised $5.6 million to help make legalization a reality in Missouri. According to the campaign, projections show that annual cannabis sales revenue could reach up to $40.8 million, with local governments seeing at least $13.8 million.

Residents may also have up to six cannabis flowering plants, six non-flowering plants, and six clones (under 14 inches tall), as long as they register as a cultivator with the state. Plants are allowed as long as they are located inside a residence, or a locked space. If it’s found in public view, growers can receive up to a $250 fee, and the confiscation of their plants.

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  1. Legal?hmmm but if one had more then 3ozs not legal no expungement or release from prison. Read the fine print in the bill. Also those on federal probation or fed time are outta luck. Is this really legalization or just a monopoly for the chosen few of the medical system already in place. Do your homework high times,real stoners know what’s what or the truth!

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