Argentine Feds Flex Single Weed Plant and Seedlings Bust On Twitter

The Argentinian Naval Prefecture boasted their single weed plant and seedlings bust on social media.
Argentine Feds Flex Single Weed Plant and Seedlings Bust On Twitter

Prefectura Naval, a federal security force in Argentina whose main function is to safeguard human life in the waters and ensure public safety during navigation wants the countries people to know they take their job extremely seriously. Their social media pages are loaded with drug bust trophy shots. They also boast their arrest and confiscation statistics. Their latest act of safeguarding human life was a raid which resulted in a medium-sized, single weed plant and seedlings bust.

The Naval force whose slogan is “we are here to take care of you” celebrated their success with photos on Twitter. The caption translated to them claiming to have dismantled the operated adding that they seized “seedlings, plants, seeds, a digital scale and marijuana ready for consumption.”

The post ended with a hashtag that translates to “Argentina without drug trafficking.”

Prefectura Naval Argentina Faces Harsh Criticism

There were two photos. In the first, you could see two soldiers in bulletproof vests and ski masks. To the left, there was a single weed plant shorter than they were in height. One soldier stood menacingly over the table of seedlings with a submachine gun.

The second photo is a close up of the table with seedlings, a scale and a single jar of weed.

Argentine Feds Flex Single Weed Plant and Seedlings Bust On Twitter

Argentinians on Twitter have been tearing into the Naval Prefecture because of the seemingly small size of the operation they “dismantled.” One user complained they were wasting federal resources over “personal consumption.” Another called them “sad” for dedicating their lives to a “useless function.”

“Are the ski masks because they’re ashamed? Look for a decent job,” one Twitter user taunted.

Another user criticized them for treating cannabis as a narcotic. The message read, “there are people who, thanks to cannabis, can lead their routine life without feeling pain.”

Taking a closer look at the photo, the words seem exaggerated. The amount of cannabis on the table looks like enough for a few weeks to an average consumer. The sprouts in various household containers hardly seemed like a buzzing street operation. According to the responses from Twitter users in Argentina, many people are displeased. They believe their government resources are not being properly utilized.

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