Ass Stash Leads To Accidental Drug Overdose

An uncomfortable situation if we ever saw one.
Ass Stash Leads To Accidental Drug Overdose

When it comes to keeping illegal drugs from being discovered in jail, one of the most effective methods is stashing them up the old poop shoot. Although this might sound like a disgusting tactic to some, experienced inmates understand that this is one of the only ways to survive those surprise shakedowns and stay out of administrative segregation.

It is common for CO’s to tear apart cells in random units in search for this type of contraband, but they typically don’t peek inside an inmate’s anal cavity except for during the admissions process and if the inmate happens to get snitched out for drug-related activity.

But just because a prisoner manages to keep their drugs out of the hands of CO’s by storing them where the sun don’t shine, doesn’t mean they are completely in the clear. Unless an inmate knows exactly what he or she is doing, burying hardcore narcotics, like heroin and fentanyl, behind the proverbial mud flaps can be extremely risky, as there is always a possibility the inmate could suffer from an accidental overdose.

This was the situation earlier last week in Middletown, Ohio. An inmate there, with a flimsy bag of heroin stored in his orange covered fart locker, had to be rushed to the hospital on Sunday afternoon in order to keep from succumbing to the effects of a heroin overdose.

Officials with the Butler County Jail told the Journal-News that an officer noticed an inmate by the name of Eugene Mongar, Jr. stumbling around in his cell sometime after lunch. The man was having such a difficult time staying on his feet that the CO had no choice but to call for back up and initiate first aid.

At this point, it was determined that Mongar was overdosing on a mystery substance. The jail staff then dispatched paramedics, sending the inmate to a local hospital for treatment.

That’s when the situation got a bit uncomfortable for Mongar.

At the Atrium Medical Center, a search was conducted in an attempt to track down the nature of the substance that had rendered him completely unable to function like a normal human being. A thorough exploration resulted in the discovery of a “tied off baggie containing a brown chunky substance in Mr. Mongar’s buttocks,” according to a police report.

A test of the substance revealed that he had overdosed on heroin.

In situations like these, where an inmate gets busted for drugs inside the jail, it is often protocol for the CO’s to write an incident report and file it with the local prosecutor’s office to see whether they want to peruse additional charges. That’s what happened to Mongar. He was charged with the possession of heroin. A conviction could result in prison time.

Mongar is not the only prisoner who doesn’t seem to understand how to carry heroin safely in his anus. These types of accidental overdoses happen all the time among the inmate population.

When a prisoner does not have access to balloons or condoms, which are the preferred receptacle in the art of butt smuggling, they sometimes rely on makeshift wrappers that do not properly protect the individual from exposure to the drug. This isn’t a big deal if the inmate is only trying to hide a little marijuana, but if it’s hard drugs, an overdose can happen easily and very quickly. This can also occur if the inmate is trying to be too careful with his ass stash, using more than one condom to contain the drugs. The problem with this is doubling up on a rubber can sometimes increase the risk of a tear.

Although female inmates have the added option of using their vaginas to hide illegal contraband, the anus is still the best method, according to Heroin Helper. This is due to most CO’s being men, some of which might not have the best ethics when it comes to searching women. These officers are more likely to explore a woman’s vagina than anywhere else on her body.

But no matter the sex of the inmate, it is crucial to always be careful when hiding or smuggling drugs in this manner. Even the slightest tear in the anal tissue can be excruciating and take several weeks to heal.

This kind of injury will undoubtedly make doing time a lot harder than it already is. And good luck explaining to the unit sergeant how that ass got tore up in the first place.

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