Atlanta Police Officer Arrested During $30K Drug Bust

Atlanta police remain unsure about the extent of the arrested officer’s involvement.
Atlanta Police Officer Arrested During $30K Drug Bust
Courtesy of Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Two years into her service with the Atlanta Police Department’s mobile patrol unit, officer Iris Rowe has found herself on the other side of handcuffs. Rowe was arrested on multiple drug charges after an afternoon raid that turned up over $30,000 in drugs, cash, and weapons in a College Park apartment. Officers arrested two other men during the raid at the Alexandria Landing apartments. Rowe is currently incarcerated at the Fulton County jail, pending her June 27 court hearing. But police say they remain unsure of Rowe’s involvement in the alleged drug dealing operation.

Atlanta Officer Describes The Shock of Apprehending Another Officer As A Suspect

College Park Police Sgt. Marcus Dennard described last Monday’s drug raid as “a shocker to go in and apprehend ‘as a suspect’ another officer.” And indeed, arresting officers identified Rowe by her service uniform and her Atlanta Police Department firearm.

But Rowe’s gun wasn’t the only weapon police discovered in the raid. According to Channel 2 reports, officers found two other guns, including an AR-15. Police found the assault rifle in the trunk of Rowe’s car.

Rowe did not make any statements at the time of her arrest. But on June 27th, she’ll face a hearing on four drug charges, including possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of MDMA.

Police say it is unclear what Rowe was doing in the apartment complex when police raided it. The arrest of two alleged drug dealers during the raid came as part of an investigation launched after APD received an anonymous tip.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that police took possession of roughly $30,000 worth of marijuana, MDMA, and an undisclosed Schedule 2 narcotic. Officers also found guns, ammunition, and $8,000 cash.

The two men arrested were Jeremy Laye and Tony Robinson. They face charges of selling drugs from the home, while Laye faces additional charges as a first offender probationer. Laye’s children were present during the raid.

Disgraced Officer Iris Rowe Tenders Handwritten Resignation From Behind Bars

After her arrest during the Monday raid, police booked Rowe in the Fulton County Jail, where she remained on Wednesday. And after receiving word about an emergency meeting scheduled to terminate her employment on Thursday, Rowe penned a handwritten resignation letter from behind bars.

Atlanta police released a photo of Rowe’s brief resignation letter on Twitter. In it, she sends her “deepest apologies to the department, and others for this shameful act.”

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