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Bales of Cannabis Thrown Out of Car Window During High-Speed Police Chase

Emily Cegielski



Alleged drug smugglers hurled what seemed like an endless supply of marijuana at police during a high-speed chase in Arizona last week.

According to the Mirror, Mario Perez-Paz, 43, and Juan Aguilar-Zavala, 21, were speeding down Interstate 8 near Casa Grande when police spotted their SUV going over 100mph. The police embarked on a high-speed pursuit, and the vehicle's occupants began to throw bale after bale of cannabis out of the SUV's back window. The entire incident was caught on dashcam video.

Both suspects were arrested after spike strips successfully deflated the vehicles tires. KGUN9 reports that after the men were taken into custody, officials found out about a stash house in Mesa, which turned up a 374-pound cache of pot and 20 illegal immigrants.

(Photo Courtesy of US Customs and Border Protection)