The 7 Best Things To Do On 4/20

The comprehensive guide on how to plan the ultimate 4/20 experience.

1. Attend an Event

The 7 Best Things To Do On 4/20

While spending 4/20 with your nearest and dearest is great, there’s just something extra special about spending the day with a huge group of like-minded people. Surrounding yourself with people who have similar interests, goals and ideologies is not only affirming, but can be totally empowering.

Especially if those interests are as politically charged as the issue of cannabis legalization.

This 4/20, why not attend an annual event that will help you accomplish just that? The High Times Cannabis Cup in Sacramento, California takes place on April 20-21.

It’s the definitive 420 experience. Featuring music, munchies, vendors, community, the best buds / dabs in the nation, and much more! Tickets are on sale now.

Don’t miss this great opportunity for the ultimate 4/20!

Final Hit: How To Plan The Ultimate 4/20

Well, folks, that’s some of our tips on how to plan the ultimate 4/20. Obviously, to each his own, and you have the freedom to do what you please when you’re stoned. If you think we missed anything, feel free to chime in on the comments! We could all use a little help from complete and utter strangers on the internet.

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