Big New California Poll Shows Massive Support for Legalization

Photo Credit: Jeff Standley

A new poll from California’s Public Policy Institute puts support for Proposition 64 at a solid 60 percent.

That’s from a poll of 1700 likely voters in the state. Opposition votes trailed, at 36 percent.

That’s right on the mark of previous poll tracking; with less than 50 days to go to the election, legalization seems assured in a state with an economy that on it’s own would make it the sixth largest in the world.

Here’s one of the breakdowns from the survey:

PPI MJ survey prop 64

You can see all the group’s data here.

For all the latest news on marijuana legalization, click here.

  1. Support for legalization is not synonymous with the Sean Parker initiative ( AUMA).
    Extremely fallacious post.

    Fuck you; fuck jerry brown; fuck gavin newsom; and fuck sean parker.

    vote NO on the dystopian AUMA bill

      1. Seriously. Fucking prick.

        Lucky you don’t talk bullshit lies like that in person. I am not against legalization. I am against FAKE legalization bills.

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