Lawmaker Writes Bill To Let Kids Bring Medical Marijuana To School

A bill to let kids bring medical marijuana to school has been introduced by a California state senator.
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In California, a lawmaker just introduced a bill to let kids bring medical marijuana to school. Although there are some stipulations, the proposed bill would give students in the public school system to have access to their medication on campus.

The Bay Area Bill

One state senator in the Bay Area of California is unwaveringly in favor of a sensible medical marijuana policy. So much so that he wants to extend the state of California’s already generous medical marijuana program. State Senator Jerry Hill, of San Mateo County, has proposed a bill to let kids bring medical marijuana to school with them.

He introduced the bill, titled Senate Bill 1127, early this week, on Tuesday. The bill would apply to students in the public school system, from kindergarten to the twelfth grade, who depend upon medical cannabis for normal, day-to-day functions.

While this proposed bill is certainly progressive, there are a few stipulations. First and foremost, the medical marijuana may not be consumed in a smokeable form. Or even in the form of a vaporizer. It would have to be delivered in a tincture, capsule or topical.

Another specific detail to Senate Bill 1127 is that a parent or guardian would have to come to the campus to administer the medication. Unlike other medications, the students’ medical marijuana would not be able to be stored in the school’s infirmary, or in lockers, in the case of older students.

Yet another piece of fine print to this proposed bill? If it is passed, there is no guarantee that it would apply to all students who use medical marijuana. School districts in the state of California would not be required to implement this policy.

Still, there seem to be quite a few school district officials who are in favor of Senate Bill 1127. In a press release from Senator Hill’s office, educators in the district lent their voice in support of the measure. Linda Cravalho-Young, the principal for Special Education Services, called pediatric medical marijuana access a “critical issue.”

“Knowing that the bill is being introduced shows amazing progress towards acceptance of our students with special medical needs,” she said.

Final Hit: Lawmaker Writes Bill To Let Kids Bring Medical Marijuana To School

The bill was just introduced this week. But it’s already been met with support from educators and parents alike.

“This legislation is about giving students access to the medicine they need so they have a better chance for success in the classroom and in the community,” Senator Hill proclaimed.

Senate Bill 1127 is not the first of its kind. In the states of New Jersey, Washington, Colorado, Maine and Florida, school districts have adopted similar policies. And in Chicago, Illinois, a sixth-grade girl and her parents are working with their school district to allow her to do the same.

When it comes to medical marijuana, the main thing to remember is that it’s not only effective for adults. Children and teens benefit immensely as well. And as such, they should enjoy the same right to access their medication as adults do. They shouldn’t have to choose between their education and their health. Thankfully, many lawmakers feel the same way.

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