Cali May Allow County Fair Vendors To Sell Pot Alongside Cotton Candy

Photo by Justin Cannabis

Doesn’t that sound like fun? County fairs are usually known for their cherry pie baking competitions or hot dog eating contests, but leave it to California to ponder allowing cannabis booths alongside the corn dogs and cotton candy.

According to the Golden State’s recently passed Senate Bill 94 which regulates adult-use marijuana and is attached to California’s budget, weed companies can apply for a temporary licenses to sell their products at fairgrounds.

Hezekiah Allen, the head of the California Growers Association, says the businesses applying for the licenses will have to meet all the normal regulations and need to comply with state mandated protections.

“They’ll have to insure that only folks over 21 have access to the area where the cannabis is present and that the area isn’t even visible,” said Allen.

As always with weed, there is a gray legal area that will likely be debated to death.

For instance, if alcohol is also sold on the premises, can marijuana be sold as well?

Would the county fair have to choose one or the other? Which would your county fair choose?

“I think the regulatory agencies will deal with those questions in the next couple of months,” Allen said.

At the moment, most marijuana sales take place in dispensaries. California’s bill would take the product outside those walls.

One of the important highlights of the bill approved this week states: “…licenses for large outdoor, indoor, and mixed-light cultivation will also be available for both medicinal and adult-use cannabis activity.”

Sounds like a county fair to me.

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