California Weed Delivery Service Raided by Bureau of Cannabis Control

California continues to crack down on weed delivery services.
California Weed Delivery Service Raided by Bureau of Cannabis Control

California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control was forced into action on Monday, after a complaint pertaining to a cannabis delivery operation in southeast Sacramento.

According to a report by The Sacramento Business Journal, two state agencies—The Bureau of Cannabis Control, and the state Department of Consumer Affairs’ Cannabis Enforcement Unit, raided The Cannaisseur Club, a marijuana delivery service located on 7925 Butte Ave. The Sacramento Police Department provided the official search warrant.

The raid came on the heels of complaint submitted to the Bureau of Cannabis Control, which contended the operation was running without a proper permit, in addition to not paying the full amount of tax dollars to the state.

In a press release, the Bureau said they removed marijuana flowers, edibles, and concentrates from the club during the raid.

Per the report, the Cannaisseur Club was under operation prior to receiving a conditional permit to deliver cannabis throughout approved areas. In fact, the club was set to meet with the city’s Planning and Design Commission on Thursday to discuss their application for the proper license.

The meeting has since been canceled by the Commission.

The club failed to receive its proper permits because of a sudden shift from their original business model. According to the Business Journal, The Cannaisseur Club originally applied for a cultivation conditional use permit back in June 2017, before changing their application to reflect that of a delivery service.

The incident remains an ongoing investigation within the state’s Office of Cannabis Policy and Enforcement.

Weed Delivery Services In California

The delivery sector of California’s newly legalized recreational cannabis market has been subject to controversy as of late.

The aforementioned Bureau of Cannabis Control proposed a change in law that restricts unauthorized cannabis delivery services in California.

The Bureau argued that cities cannot ban delivery services under California’s Proposition 64, which states “a local jurisdiction shall not prevent delivery of cannabis or cannabis products on public roads.”

However, the bill also gives local governments the power to veto any non-medicinal marijuana sales at their own discretion, making the situation very tricky for California lawmakers.

Back in July, the League of California Cities wrote a letter urging the state to refrain from making any sudden changes to its policy regarding delivery services.

“An influx of unapproved local cannabis deliveries will decrease transparency of cannabis operations and increase public safety obligations and costs for local law enforcement,” the letter said.

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