Canadian Company Launches Rolling Papers Printed with The Cannabis Act

The best way to celebrate Bill C-45.
Canadian Company Launches Rolling Papers Printed with The Cannabis Act
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It’s been a long time coming. Many have been waiting for the day weed would become officially legal in Canada. And today Canadians from British Columbia to Newfoundland can enjoy and celebrate the new cannabis-friendly climate. Many are joining in the spirit and finding unique ways to observe the new law. Cannabis businesses and users alike have spent the last 48 hours taking hold of this momentous occasion. For example, a Canadian delivery service hosted a Willy Wonka-style lottery where a lucky customer wins free munchies.

But none commemorates the passing of Bill C-45 quite like Leaf Forward, Canada’s first and leading cannabis business accelerator. This important bill deserves attention by pot smokers in every province. And Leaf Forward has made it simple to not only honor Bill C-45, but to celebrate it in the highest of style. They have printed every single word of the historic law on rolling papers.

Time’s Up, Roll Up

The wait for Canada’s Cannabis Act to go into effect was a long one. Learning the ins and outs, and most importantly where to pick up the product, required Canadians to stay abreast of local and national news. Few Canadians who stand to reap the rewards of the law know the words the bill actually contains. But Leaf Forward offers all 152 pages of the full document in its pack of rolling papers. A cannabis enthusiast can go page by page of the bill by smoking joint after joint. Printed with safe, non-toxic ink, the rolling papers even come with sealed in wax in honor of the Canadian government.

Though rolling papers have been printed to pay tribute to people or occasions before, these papers are truly an expression of appreciation for the hard work carried out by Canadian cannabis enthusiasts an lawmakers.  Leaf Foward’s CEO and Co-Founder Alex Blumenstein wishes show gratitude to the many individuals—the activists, innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders—and “celebrate in a way that’s true to the occasion.” And by that, he means literally smoking the significant document.

Leap Forward with Leaf Forward

Not only does the company come up with creative ways to honor the Cannabis Act, Leaf Forward also aids cannabis companies in their early stages of growth. Central to its focus are providing new businesses with mentorship, networking, and opportunities to learn from successful industry leaders. Through its network of cannabis industry experts, entrepreneurs and leaders, Leaf Forward fosters start-ups by preparing founders to pitch to investors and raising the funds to take the business to its next stages.

In practice, Leaf Forward works closely with a small group of hand-selected start-ups in the cannabis industry. During a 12-week program, these business transcend where they were when they started. And thanks to the new legal environment and Leaf Forward, the businesses can now thrive.

152 Pages to Puff

These celebratory papers are currently limited in supply. But never fear. Roll a rose blunt. Pick up some other papers. Enjoy your cannabis however you do. And when you do, take a puff in honor of the monumental words in Bill C-45. Roll a joint for the canna-businesses small and large, and for those like Leaf Forward, motivated and dedicated to the cause of cannabis globally. Roll another for the Canadian lawmakers who made the bill possible. And most of all, roll a joint for the Canadian cannabis enthusiasts who stood by the cause.

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