Cannabis Activist Joe Rogan Quits Weed, But Why?

Cannabis Activist Joe Rogan Quits Weed, But Why?
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We can’t believe the day has come, but the reports all say the same thing: Joe Rogan quits weed. But why? Has this MMA fighter-turned-activist crossed over to the less-green side? Let’s find out what’s going on.

Who Is Joe Rogan?

New Jersey native Joe Rogan is a modern renaissance man. Well, to us he is. He’s a former mixed martial arts champion who retired early due to frequent headaches and a basic sense of self-preservation. After dropping out of the University of Massachusetts Boston, he pursued stand-up comedy. While launching his career, he supported himself in a few different ways including teaching mixed martial arts and driving limousines.

As his comedy career progressed, Rogan relocated to Los Angeles and was able to work as a comedian full time. He also appeared in various television shows and sitcoms. In the late ’90s, he got a gig with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), in which he conducted post-fight interviews.

In 2001, he was chosen to host the American adaptation of Fear Factor and has since appeared in various reality shows and game shows. All the while, he has performed his own stand-up comedy and released a few comedy specials.

In addition to all of this, he hosts his own podcast called The Joe Rogan Experience.

Another One Bites The Dust?

So why are we talking about this guy? Because Joe Rogan has been an advocate for legalized cannabis since the early 2000s. He’s even appeared in numerous documentaries on the subject. One of these was the award-winning Canadian documentary The Union: The Business Behind Getting High.

But we’ve just learned that as of this month, Joe Rogan has quit weed.

But why?

What exactly led to this passionate and outspoken cannabis activist leaving our camp? Is Rogan following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus and taking a hiatus of an undetermined length?

Calm down. It’s not forever. Joe Rogan has not defected.

In a recent interview with a mixed martial arts website, Rogan said that he’s going “sober in October.” He disclosed that for the month’s entire 31 days, he’s abstaining from weed, alcohol and other drugs. It was originally part of a bet between his friends—at first, it didn’t even include weed in the list of forbidden substances. But Rogan decided to go full force and remain entirely sober this month.

Final Hit: Joe Rogan Quits Weed

In an Instagram post published Sunday, Rogan joked about how many people have asked him “how” he’s abstaining from weed. He said that they seem to think that quitting cannabis is comparable to heroin cessation or fasting. He maintains that the challenge hasn’t presented any difficulties. Which makes total sense. Although smoking weed might become a habit for some people, the plant itself is not chemically addictive.

Rogan added that he’s been doing a lot of yoga to add on to this month of overall wellness. He also tossed in the idea to revisit a month of sobriety a few times a year. He added that in addition to taking some month off of smoking weed and drinking, he plans to smoke less before performing in the future.

You do what’s best for you, Joe. We wish you the best.

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