The Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Edition Is On The Way To Michigan

The Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice Edition is officially happening!
Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Edition Is On The Way To Michigan
High Times

High Times, the most recognizable name in cannabis, announced today that Michigan will be the next location in the Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Edition Is On The Way To Michigan series of cannabis competitions. Judging kits will be available throughout the state beginning on April 20, the high holiday for all things marijuana. 

Michigan’s cannabis scene is going through a dramatic transformation, with adult-use cannabis sales becoming legal in December 2019. To honor the legacy of the medical marijuana pioneers who led the way to full legalization in the state, the High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice Edition will for the first time ever feature categories for both recreational and medical marijuana.

The competition offers licensed cannabis brands the opportunity to put their products into the hands of a state-wide pool of discerning judges, who will provide competitors with feedback on their entries and vote for their favorites to determine the winners. The competition will be Michigan’s first High Times Cannabis Cup with judging open to the public and promises to gather the largest slate of judges in the state’s history. 

Upon the day of on-sale of kits on April 20, judges from all walks of life will line up, rain or shine, before the opening of the dispensaries to make sure they are first to get their Cannabis Cup Judge Kits. With categories ranging from Indica Flower to Sativa Flower, Vape Pens to Concentrates, and Edibles to Pre-Rolls, there is something for everyone. 

Each Judge Kit comes with a hefty variety of samples from the top competing brands in the State, all of whom are submitting their top strains and varieties into the Cup in hopes that the judges will score their products the highest. Each kit is complete with the competition samples and a scorecard that gives each judge an access code to the High Times Judge Portal (, all of it contained in a swaggy High Times Judge backpack that you can rock for years to come.  If you haven’t been a judge in the past because you were never selected, now is the time to get in on the action.

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Competition Features 10 Categories

The High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice Edition will feature competition for products from 10 categories, with three of the categories being reserved for products from state-licensed medical facilities. The seven categories for state-licensed adult-use products include indica flower; sativa flower; hybrid flower; pre-rolls; concentrates and extracts; vape pens and cartridges; and edibles. The categories for state-licensed medical cannabis facilities are medical flower; medical pre-rolls; and medical edibles. All Products must be grown and produced in Michigan at a facility licensed under MRA and be in compliance with all MRA rules.

Entry requirements are 228 samples for flower (1 gram each); pre-rolls; and concentrates, extracts, vape pens, and carts (0.5 gram samples) entries, while edibles require 100 samples. All categories are limited to four entries per brand, except edibles which are limited to three entries per brand. 

Entries will be accepted from April 1 through April 7, and judging kits will be available exclusively at partner dispensaries and provisioning centers throughout the state, with locations to be announced soon. The judging period will last from April 20 through June 16, with honorees announced at a digital awards show to be held via a High Times Facebook Live stream on June 20.

Bringing The Cannabis Cup To The People

In response to the coronavirus outbreak and resulting limits placed on public gatherings, High Times announced in March of last year that it was taking its legendary series of cannabis competitions online and into consumers’ homes. The inaugural High Times Hemp Cup, which had been scheduled to take place as a traditional in-person event in Austin, Texas, was instead held online on April 4, 2020, recognizing winners in eight categories. 

The events continued through 2020, making additional stops in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Illinois. Results of the Cannabis Cup Oregon: People’s Choice Edition were announced in January. Judging kits for the High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice Edition are available now, with winners slated to be announced on February 28. The High Times Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition is also slated for 2021. In December 2021, the first-ever nationwide High Times Hemp Cup: People’s Choice Edition was announced, with judging kits available by mail for judges across the country beginning in March.

Visit the High Times Cannabis Cup website for more information.

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