Cannabis Farm Discovered inside Cottage at Legoland

The British police arrested two men after 50 weed plants were discovered growing in a hut at Windsor’s Legoland, which bills itself as “The UK’s Favourite Kids Theme Park.”

Windsor is based in the County of Berkshire, located on the Thames River about 20 miles west of London.

Workers doing a routine asbestos check at the site, just three miles away from Windsor Castle, came upon the pot farm, which was nicely equipped with lights and a watering system.

The property is outside the walls of Legoland but within the 215-acre estate.

Theme park bosses said the vacant building, which is close to where visitors leave their pets, is inaccessible to the public and “appears to have been accessed via the Crown Estate,” which is land belonging to Queen Elizabeth. Good heavens.

Both men arrested are being charged on suspicion of producing a class B drug, cannabis.

A Legoland spokesman told the MailOnline that, “Following routine checks, we can confirm that illegal substances were found in a derelict cottage outside of the Legoland Park boundary.”

Oh, The Places They’ll Grow

Speaking of England, the BBC provided some unique cannabis cultivation stories. Here are few:

In Essex, the British police found 250 plants in an underground chamber in a pub, behind a metal door concealed by a bookcase in the Joker Public House in October of 2013. Hints of James Bond.

In November of 2014, South Wales Police came upon a “rather cheeky choice” of location for a huge cannabis factory—right next door to the Bridgend Police Station. Detectives seized about 700 plants. It is thought the plants were growing in insulated boxes, which prevented detection, until they didn’t.

A British man was recently convicted of using a former top secret underground military complex and nuclear bunker to grow more than 800 pot plants. Although, that was not the first time illegal herb was found growing there. In 2013, the cops first discovered plants growing in the Drakelow Tunnels, in Worcestershire, originally built to house a WWII aircraft engine.

Acting on a tip in 2015, police visited a luxury nine-bedroom country mansion they compared to “something you would see in Downton Abbey” and discovered a highly complex cannabis factory with at least 1,000 cannabis plants, at various stages of growth. Two men were detained.

Closer To Home

Let us not forget when Kaitlin Whitney, writing for the Atlantic in 2014, came across a secret grow operation in the middle of a cornfield, which she described as a perfect place for local growers to harness their skills.

Then, there was the Ohio man who also had the idea of an underground bunker—but in his own backyard. Last March, the cops found 19 marijuana plants and lots of grow equipment and chemicals.

It’s not certain what tipped the neighbors and/or the police off, but something tells me it was probably the smell.

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