Cannabis Firms Celebrate Día De Muertos 2020

Día de Muertos 2020 is right around the corner! Here’s how we’re celebrating.
Cannabis Firms Celebrate Día De Muertos 2020
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With Día de Muertos 2020 only weeks away, two California cannabis companies are celebrating the holiday with special product releases featuring themed art and marketing. San Diego-based Platinum Vape is offering a special version of their edibles, while Key from Harborside is launching a limited-edition pack of its mini-prerolls to mark the occasion.

Día de Muertos, also known in the United States as Día de los Muertos, is celebrated on both sides of the Mexican border to honor the dead. A hybridization of Pre-Columbian and Catholic traditions, the holiday brings families together to remember and celebrate the lives of their ancestors during All Saints’ Eve (October 31), All Saints’ Day (November 1), and All Souls’ Day (November 2). The departed family members, who are believed to awaken from the dead to celebrate with the living, are honored with marigolds, photographs, and favorite foods. An altar or centerpiece known as an ofrenda is often constructed and brightly decorated to serve as the focal point of the celebration.

To commemorate the Día de Muertos 2020, Platinum Vape has released its new Piña de los Muertos cannabis-infused gummies featuring traditional Mexican flavors including fresh fruit and spice. The indica-dominant gummy coins are designed to provide a comforting setting for a celebrant’s trip down memory lane. And to further honor the Día de Muertos theme, the packaging includes classic imagery by one of the company’s in-house graphic artists whose parents are from central Mexico and have deep ties to the holiday.

George Sadler, the president of Platinum Vape, told High Times that the special edition gummies are “a respectful nod to our diversity and rich heritage” of the company’s home state of California, “a diverse state with a history of Spanish, Indigenous, and Mexican influences in all aspects of life.”

Smoke Offerings For Día de Muertos 2020

The Key brand by Harborside is also celebrating Día de Muertos 2020 with a special launch of its Skeleton Key Mini Pre-Rolls, a pack of seven half-gram joints marketed in a limited edition tin featuring iconic imagery from the holiday. The mini-prerolls feature an indica-dominant blend of all-flower cannabis that is sustainably grown by Harborside Farms in the company’s  state-of-the-art greenhouses in Salinas, California. The blend “promotes deep relaxation with euphoric effects and boasts a unique flavor profile of sweet citrus, mango, and a hint of spice,” according to a release from the company.

“Harborside invites you to celebrate the life of loved ones passed this Día de los Muertos. Our most recent Skeleton Key launch pays homage to this Mexican holiday, which is full of life-affirming joy, demonstrating love and respect for deceased family members,” Key marketing director Alexis Mora wrote in an email to High Times

“Unlock your mind with our limited edition Skeleton Key, a nighttime blend of G4 Og and Gelato 33 packed in seven .5g mini pre-rolls, and visit Harborside Oakland where we’ve partnered with community artist and advocate Octavio Hernandez to build a community ofrenda in honor of Dia de los Muertos,” Mora added. 

Piña de los Muertos infused gummy coins by Platinum Vape are available at select dispensaries in California during the months of October and November, while Skeleton Key mini-prerolls are offered exclusively at Harborside dispensaries in California while supplies last.

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