Be Careful Shipping Drugs Through the Mail This Holiday Season

Don’t fool yourself into thinking the holiday season distracts The Man. Shipping drugs can still land you in some hot water.
Be Careful Shipping Drugs Through the Mail This Holiday Season

Thinking about shipping drugs this holiday season? People ship all sorts of stuff across the United States this time of year. There are literally hundreds of millions of parcels delivered during the peak holiday season. It creates an extra hectic environment for those whose job it is to ensure that these items make it to the proper residence in a timely fashion. ‘Tis also the season to ramp up illegal drug shipments. It’s an attempt to supply plenty of high holiday cheer during a time when a few swings of eggnog is just not enough to bring about the kind of buzz that is needed to deal with extended family.

Shipping Drugs With USPS

Be Careful Shipping Drugs Through the Mail This Holiday Season

The enormity of our nation’s festive distraction has some black market vendors convinced that the USPS and other domestic delivery services are optimal methods for smuggling controlled substances. But those folks planning on shipping drugs should not let the chaos of the season cloud their better judgment. Uncle Sam closely monitors illicit drug shipments being sent through the mail.

As a matter of fact, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) just made a significant bust in Washington, D.C. A local drug dealer thought it would be safe to receive a hefty shipment of methamphetamine through the United Parcel Service.

A report from ABC-affiliate WJLA indicates that a man stepped inside the UPS store located in the Adams-Morgan district of the nation’s capital to pick up a package the other day when FBI agents swooped in with all guns blazing. It seems the G-men had been watching this guy for a while. They had become privy to his drug distribution scheme. The parcel weighed in at around two pounds and contained three vacuum-sealed packs of meth. It totaled around 1,000 grams. Officials estimate the shipment would have brought in close to $30,000 if it had made it to the street.

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Methmas

Be Careful Shipping Drugs Through the Mail This Holiday Season

This arrest is likely the by-product of a larger meth distribution ring.

Some of the latest data suggest that while most folks believe the heyday of methamphetamine has long since passed, this drug is making a comeback. Some say it never left. Meth overdoses are now killing thousands of more people than it was ten years ago. As High Times recently reported, the drug could eventually spiral into a major drug crisis within the next decade.

As for the UPS store meth bust in D.C., the FBI has so far refused to make any comment regarding the case. The Bureau says it cannot divulge any information regarding the tactics used to capture this particular suspect. He is part of an ongoing investigation.

But one thing is certain. Federal law enforcement has a close eye on the illegal drug trade. And its willingness to lean on domestic shipping services to put dope in the hands of Americans.

Although this distribution method might seem solid enough, it is likely the one that carries the most risk.

In some parts of the country, mail operations are now implementing new technology in order to prevent illegal drugs ranging from fentanyl to meth from making it to their desired destination. The Chicago O’Hare Airport Mail Facility, which experiences high volumes of illegal drug activity from all over the world, recently installed a high tech screening device designed to make identifying illicit drugs easier.

“These enhanced screening procedures will decrease the prevalence of opioids and fentanyl entering our communities,” Governor Bruce Rauner told ABC News. “Collaboration amongst federal, state and local government is crucial to combat the projected increases in opioid-related deaths.”

Final Hit: Shipping Drugs For The Holidays

It’s not even safe to send marijuana through the mail. The herb is legal in some capacity well over half the nation. However, it remains an outlaw substance in the eyes of the federal government. Even if a person ships pot products within a legal state (Denver to Aspen, for example) the feds could still hit both the sender and recipient with drug trafficking charges. That is, if the USPS and other delivery services discover these illegal packages in their system. And they appear to be looking.

As it stands, marijuana is the most common substance discovered by postal inspectors. The USPS alone stops the distribution of tens of thousands of pounds of pot each year. Once they flag a package, it can bring on trouble at the state and federal level. This means shipping legal weed through the mail still carries the possibility of federal prison.

Be careful out there folks.

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