Celebrate Women in Cannabis with the High Times Female 50 Nominations!

Join us in celebrating our High Times’ Female 50!
High Times Female 50 Nomination Form

High Times is proud to announce the Female 50!

We’re honoring the most influential women in the cannabis space across a wide variety of areas. For the Female 50, we’re celebrating patients, doctors, researchers, activists, executives, scientists, and more. We strive to recognize these women for their work and accomplishments in this diverse and ever-evolving landscape.

We will be honoring these women at an event filled with community and collaboration…and with the release of a special edition of High Times Magazine.

In order to make our list as community-oriented and representative as possible, we’re asking you all for help. Starting tomorrow, we will be accepting nominations for the inaugural Female 50 list. We encourage all of you to name the women you feel deserves this honor in this form.

Thank you!

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