Charlize Theron Reveals Her Mom Bought Her Weed

Charlize Theron reveals her mom bought her weed. And the mother of the year award goes to…
Charlize Theron Reveals Her Mom Bought Her Weed

Charlize Theron has made a return to the spotlight recently, promoting her new movie Gringo, which is set to hit theatres March 9th. Coincidentally, the star has used much of said spotlight to talk at length about her love for weed. After an E! interview in which the Oscar winner opened up about her prior cannabis habits, Theron appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night to talk about where exactly she scored her weed from. Spoiler alert: Charlize Theron reveals her mom bought her weed.

All In The Family

Theron has said she was a pretty hardcore stoner in her earlier days, but apparently, the actress stopped because she was no longer enjoying the quality of her highs.

“My chemistry was really good with it when I was younger and then it just changed one day. Like, in my early thirties I just became boring on it and I would just stand in front of my fridge, so that’s no good,” Theron said in the E! interview.

However, the 42-year-old actress told Jimmy Kimmel that she has begun smoking again, as an effort to better catch up on her Z’s. She admitted that she and her mom, Gerda Maritz, have had a history of sleeping problems, and decided that medicinal cannabis is the best remedy for both of them.

“I have really bad sleep and so does my mom, and so we were talking about it because we do take sleep medication,” the actress told Kimmel. “I was saying to her, you know maybe we should figure out a way to try like a sleeping strain.”

While Theron expected to be the one to pick up the ‘goods,’ for the both of them, it turns out, it was her mother that decided to be the proactive one.

“I really thought I would be the responsible one to have to go and get that,” Theron joked.“Last week she showed up at my house, literally drove in in her little tennis outfit, and brought me a little container and just left it on my kitchen table.”

What surprised Theron the most, however, was where her mom got the products. She had originally thought her mother had picked up the ganja supplies from one of her tennis club friends. But it turns out, she went straight to the source.

“She goes, ‘I went to the store by myself,'” Theron said. “She’s like, ‘And they tried to give me all sorts of lollipops.'”

And after just one trip to the dispensary, apparently, Maritz was already a cannabis connoisseur.

“And she was like, ’So I got some blueberry covered chocolate ones, but if you want it faster acting you should go for the mints, ’cause those you suck and it just works faster.”

Final Hit: Charlize Theron Reveals Her Mom Bought Her Weed

While, at first glance,  it might seem strange that the mother of a 42-year-old woman would be the one scoring bud, but in reality, this has become the norm.

We’ve come along way from the early stages of prohibition, and now there are all sorts of products—smokable or not, that can help with a variety of physical and mental debilitations. Insomnia just so happens to be one of many.

The only question that remains— did the treatment work for Theron?

You bet.

“It’s amazing!” Theron exclaimed.

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