Chelsea Clinton Suggests Marijuana Is Killing People

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Former White House rugrat Chelsea Clinton believes marijuana may have some therapeutic benefits, but she also thinks the herb may be killing people in states where it has been made legal.

During a recent appearance at Youngstown State University, Clinton—campaigning on behalf of her mother, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton—told a crowd of students that “anecdotally, we have lots of evidence” that cannabis is effective in treating epilepsy and stimulating the appetites of those undergoing chemotherapy treatment. But she then went on to say that there are still some public health concerns associated with pot consumption due to recent deaths in Colorado.

“We also have anecdotal evidence now from Colorado where some of the people who were taking marijuana for those purposes, the coroner believes, after they died, there was drug interactions with other things they were taking,” she said.

Although there is no documented evidence that marijuana has ever contributed to the death of a single human being in the thousands of years it has been used by civilizations across the globe, prohibitionists often dig deep into their sagging bags of propaganda to convince the average citizen that the effects of cannabis can be both devastating and deadly. But this is the first we have heard of marijuana potentially interacting with other drugs and causing people to suffer their untimely demise.

A recent article on InhaleMD indicates that while there can be some minor interactions when consuming cannabis in conjunction with other medications and food, there is no evidence to suggest that these types of concoctions can result in death.

“Cannabis is not known to produce any lethal interactions with other substances, including foods and beverages,” the article reads. “In fact, as natural and synthetic drugs go, cannabis is exceptionally gentle, with negative effects typically limited to: anxiety, dry mouth, increased thirst, [and] sore throat.”

The article, which was penned by Dr. Jordan Tishler, an expert in the field of cannabis medicine, goes on to explain that while marijuana “isn’t physically harmful,” when mixing it with alcohol, antidepressants, antihistamines and muscle relaxants, the stoned effects can be often amplified—giving the user the feeling of being more intoxicated or in a deeper state of relaxation.

But it does not appear that anyone has died as a direct result of mixing marijuana with other drugs, as Clinton seems to have implied in her speech over the weekend.

Using marijuana is combination with other substances is “substantially safer than blending most other types of medications,” the article continues.

Chelsea Clinton did, however, take the opportunity to reiterate her mother’s stance on states’ rights and the pursuit of more medical marijuana research. But, her comments, once again, seemed to imply that marijuana could be what the federal government claims—a dangerous drug.

“We just need so much more data than we have so that people who might benefit have the chance to benefit, people who might be in danger are protected,” Clinton said. “So absolutely, my mom strongly supports the need for more rigorous study and then subjecting it, as we do kind of everything else that might have a medicinal purpose, to FDA approval, scrutiny and ultimately regulation.”

Hillary Clinton has said throughout the majority of her campaign that she plans to remove cannabis from its Schedule I listing if she is elected into the presidency this November.

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      1. yep…… you definitely cannot deny the resemblence. maybe hillary had to look at him too much and marked the poor child

    1. Apparently there is something to see here, like a Drumpfstein talking as if Uncle Donny is going give him the freedom to be free.

        1. You mean the Drumpf who is funded by Russia? You know, the problem with the 40 year fixation on Hillary is that moral stance you wish to counter with is a full blown narcissist and demagogue lunatic.

          1. Well Russia’s culture has more in common with ours than Saudi culture. But if you like her and her backers vote for her.

            The Clinton’s (her husband Bill) record on cannabis is terrible. And I had hopes for Obama but he just strung us along. Trump will be no worse than they have been. And it is possible he might be better.

            As to personality defects? You have to be full of them to run for President. And that includes all of them.

          2. Once a State as big as CA re-legalizes marijuana I don’t know if there will be a whole lot that the feds can do about it. Trump, from what I heard, is on the State’s Rights side of the marijuana issue & that is just fine by me. I hope that he will respect the 9th & 10th Amendment rights of the States & of the People on a whole host of other issues as well.

          3. Alaska is bigger than California, and we’ve made recreational and medicinal use legal. In fact, it’s BEEN legal for decades, except for a stint of recriminalization – that few paid any attention to! Colorado is doing REALLY well with its legal programs. The states are coming along, we’ve just got to get the federales to butt out. I find it ironic that the federal govt can be so hypocritical: it’s been cultivating cannabis for several decades, specifically for a select group of patients! Kind of blows the “it has no medical use” out the door.

            Eventually, the bulk of American voters (Independents) will simply stop choosing between just the Red Strychnine Koolaid and the Blue Arsenic Koolaid, and try the Refreshing Green! Jill Stein’s New Deal sounds good to me. I mean, why not? She’s the best choice, given the alternatives!

          4. AK is larger that CA only in sq. mi. Population is a different story: CA is the largest by far & AK is the 2nd smallest in terms of population. Trump said that he will respect State’s rights when it comes to medical marijuana, he has been a supporter of it, IIRC; & when the largest State of CA makes marijuana completely legal the feds hopefully will have no other choice but to leave them alone on the recreational part.

          5. well good for yall to live in such states but some of us are stuck in the south where these bible thumpers that are bigger sinners than the sinners whom they preach about and try to crucify will never pass such a law. they are totally behind the times and seem to be fine with all the drunks and poverty we have in these states. I wish they would legalize it federally and the states had no choice but to follow. however, don’t see that happening soon

          6. I am a Confederate flag waving, pot-smoking Bible thumper from Arkansas, & all I have to say to you is, “You don’t like living in the South? Then GTFO, you Progressive prick. Go live in another State far from us ‘cuz nobody is forcing you to live here. You are free to leaver any time”.

          7. Yes, Russia’s culture is fascinating, while America’s hippity hoppity youth are… chopping heads off in Syria? I’m just trying to follow the thread. You really want me to view the Clintons as terrible for America, but the alternative not only loves Russia, but does business with Cuba during the embargo (and doesn’t pay his taxes) because he really loves this country.

            Which is totally batshit.

          8. you are not correct on the tax thing. it is a complicated thing but it works for the rich people and not the poor or middle class. you only have to claim income taxes on capital gains. if you do not make any money on something and lose money then you have a loss it doesn’t matter if you have 10 bucks or 10 million bucks. a loss is a loss.

          9. It’s complicated? The $10 million in your example is 1/100 of the $1 billion Drumpf lost in one year running his casino and other things. What that loss allowed him is the exploitation of a system that apparently makes $50 million a year for 20 years tax free. So I think I got it.

          10. These are the people who hate cannabis, yet they shipped in millions of dollars of cocaine in Arkansas!.

          11. speaking of personality……the only difference in trump and all these other so holier than thous……. is he has the balls to speak the truth. he definitely could use a little more tact honestly but don’t think those other candidates are not and were not thinking the same thing. trump is not bought. the rest of them are… a lot to be said for someone who is financially independent and doesn’t have to kiss up to donations and crooks.

      1. More then a fucking idiot who puts balls on the picture of their commander and chief.

        You’re a real winner whom I guess lives unemployed in your parents basement. Keep up the good work.

        1. Thanks for the compliment. When I get comments by Progressive pricks like YOU then I know I am doing the right thing, therefore the best thing for me to do is keep on keepion’ on. Thanks for brightening up my day! 🙂

          1. Of course you do, because you’re a loser with nothing better to do with your time.

            Keep it up, and when you and your KKK friends get together again for your crooked hillary circle jerk remember the world thinks you’re scum.


          2. Can you smell the fear and desperation coming from her trolls? It’s delicious isn’t it?

          3. I love it! Pi$$ing off Progressives has become one of my favorite hobbies. I can’t wait for them to physically retaliate.

  1. Proven fact. Marijuana has never killed anyone. Never. She is a puppet moron. Oh but if Monsanto corners the market then they make it addictive and dangerous. Weed has never been addictive and the crap Monsanto will do to keep up profits will make it dangerous. I warned Monsanto would do this and try to corner the market before it was legal in Colorado. Well I was right again. They are trying to do just that. They made their own clone last year and want to corner the market.

      1. she is wanting to follow in mama’s steps for sure. she has dead eyes and she seems just as cold.

    1. Look I don’t like her message here any more than you do and I’m no fan of her mom.

      But wtf is with the spreading her legs comment?

  2. Well, what about the dabs or are they themselves the oils. I’ve seen some videos that don’t look good and I have been hearing of the ridiculously strength, so much stronger than anything I did back in the 70’s before my good doper friends dumped me because they had graduated college. Yeah, well, whomever I am – I am unemployed and homeless living in a substance abuse counselor’s living room for the last 4 years – I do think there are health issues to dope as well as cultural ones. Will no one give you a job. Nobody ever gave me one but what the fuck do you care?

    1. Really it sounds like the issue is you not pot…I’m willing to get you was on harder drugs which wouldn’t have been offered had it been legal ab d regulated…you don’t buy beer and have the cashier ask if you wanna try some crack with that

      There are many many many high functioning adults with amazing careers that smoke pot. gotta have self control and realize there is a time and place…4yrs living on a drug counselors couch clearly shows the problem is you

        1. actually webster hubble looks like hillary! maybe there is some hanky panky going on we don’t know about… something about keeping the breed puire lol….

          1. Beau,

            You may have noted that there has been a massive shift on this board re:political support. This is very unusual. If Hillary is going to keep the anti-Prohibition voters she is going to have to do a lot better than Schedule Two.

            Heck. Chemical factory THC is already Schedule Three.

            And then we have Obama. The Choom Gang boy who could have ended pot prohibition. And he has done very little. There is a lot of looking elsewhere for some action. States of course. But Federally as well.

          2. What does anything you hobbled together here have to do with asking Vince Fosters ghost? I’m guessing you’re trying to save face from that vapid comment.

            I don’t know what point you’re trying to make really, M, but you do not speak for all pot smokers. If you mix a subject such as the legalization and regulation of marijuana, something so vital and critical with this pepe Trump white trash movement you’ve already doomed it, and I refuse to let that happen. You’re a lunatic to think Trump gives a shit about anyones medicine or freedom.

            You mention Obama, a man who will have a statue and days dedicated to him for what he has done for the country, and you blow off some comment like you know. He just opened up a museum to name one of how many things he’s done, google them. One is helping to keep the earth around for your children.

            Hillary’s going to win because common sense and logic prevail under dire circumstances, and the mass of complete lies and bigotry and hate speech coming from a man who wants to be president is disgusting, what fucking american votes for that? Do you understand what Abe Lincoln fought for, the head of your party? His supporters are just as disgusting, visible just by the small snapshot taken on this message board. She was the secretary of state and kept all you ungrateful fucks alive, get a grip.

            I care about what her daughter said just as much as I care about what his sons say. You get what you get until it’s legal around the world and you vote for someone that is going to make sure we’re all here to see it happen.

            “Hillary Clinton has said throughout the majority of her campaign that she plans to remove cannabis from its Schedule I listing if she is elected into the presidency this November.”

          3. Well no. I don’t speak for anyone but myself. But if you judge by Breitbart and comments here there there has been a shift to Trump by the rabid anti-Prohibitionist crowd. If only 1/2 of that crowd (I estimate it at 10% of the population) shifts to Trump he wins in a landslide. Because anti-Prohibitionists used to be very reliably Democrat.

            I discuss all that with links here:

            Schedule One to Schedule Two is not much of a shift.

            Chemical Factory THC is already Schedule Three. A LOT of people think she is protecting Big Pharma with her current position. “More study” my arse. And her hint, “Too much money in it” was another red flag for me.

            But heck. This is America. If you want a Clinton dynasty vote for it. And get others to do the same.

            We will know in November who sees more clearly. It might even be you.

          4. bet somewhere down the line either big pharm is a big money giver to her or she has stock in it. i mean come on it is ridiculous for people to keep criticizing marijuana. Canada just made heroin legal…. now that i would probably not quite agree so much on but marijuana….. take the alcohol leave the bud

          5. There is a list of suspicious deaths connected to the Clintons You might want to look it up. Or not.

            It is a running “joke”.

            And Republicans are in on it. You, evidently, are not.

            But the fact that it got mentioned here indicates Hillary is in some trouble on the issue. And in trouble with the anti-Prohibition crowd.

            But I am happy you are not amused. It is another hint that Hillary is not doing well. Despite all the polls.

            See you in November.

          6. well she definitely is shady when it comes to that! I live in South Carolina and a former prosecutor Trey Gowdy is the one who has been trying to get all the evidence on her for the Benghazi incident. I mean there is no excuse for those deaths.

          7. I look forward to that Obama statue being built, it will give me something to pee & take a dump on.

            Didn’t I hear that Trump said he will not enforce federal anti-marijuana laws in States that have made marijuana legal again? I believe that he said just that.

          8. He said he would leave it up to the states. Question. If it’s so bad , why has the US gov’t held the patent on it since the 1930’s.

          9. Donald Trump has announced his support of a federalist stance regarding the question of marijuana reform, in which questions of regulated adult use should be “left to the states.” The Republican presidential candidate, also expressed his full, unqualified support of medical marijuana reform.

            See what Trump just said this week in his own words, about states with legal cannabis. starts at 4:10


            Trump is 100% behind Medical Cannabis.

          10. do you not remember all of the things that Hillary and Obama said about each other? I honestly do not think she liked the man at all. He said a lot of bad things about her as well. The entire political system is faulty. She was so for putting people in jail in the 90s for very minor offenses. This led to a lot of young black people being imprisoned for minor drug offenses and honestly most the time prison does nothing good for young individual if nothing else it enforces them to be thugs. I believe she is selling whatever she can to make the voters believe that she cares. She cares about power. Her daughter knows nothing about marijuana and is not even qualified to make the statements she makes about it. I bet the alcohol her and her yuppy husband drink is more dangerous than smoking a little weed. In fact I bet if you do some research, you may be surprised at what they have stock in….. Possibly big pharm who is definitely fighting the marijuana expansion. Bill Clinton even criticized a lot of things Obama did starting with Obamacare. First of all, I think Obama did try and was so aggravated by all the people who would vote against him just because they could. He took over the presidency and had a huge mess on his hands thanks to the Bush administration. He really could have done a lot of good had he not been hindered by some many people. Thats not to say that he was slack in some areas where he should have really vamped up. Marijuana is one of them. He knows that several young people both black and white but according to statistics more so black people were and are being persecuted more for marijuana than anyone else. You can not tell me that the majority of people haven’t tried marijuana especially in college or even high school. why should they not be persecuted as well? Donald Trump……. I do believe financially he will be on his game for sure. The rest is to be seen if in fact he does get the president seat. I don’t go for all this come one come all come everyone in the united states because we can’t even take care of our people. we should feed clothe and house our poor before we go worrying about the rest of the world. Either way….. people should get out and vote. no vote no voice

          11. Whatever “Obama Care” originally was supposed to be…it was completely re-written by Congress lest we forget that that Amendment was stuck in about three different Congressional and Senate Sub Committees for almost eight years before it was finally passed.
            However, now that his time is up we’ve seen a ton of “going back on his promises” already. Number one down here in Florida is once again he is allowing for “Bid Wars” between Big Oil again for rights to drill off the Florida Coast and possibly in areas of the Everglades. Myself, FPIRG, Green Peace and other State Progressive Movements have been fighting this fight since the 1980’s. And now Obama says it’s okay to drill? Even African Americans are outright complaining about ACA and how it’s not doing any real good. Why? Because we still have not reined in ridiculously high Co-_Pays, Out of Pocket Expenses, the infamous “Donut Hole” loophole regarding Prescription Drugs (which absolutely kills the elderly that have diligently paid their premiums for Health Care for Years!!)
            So personally I see Obama as “Just another Politician President” toting the line like all the others. Yes he got slammed by the Tea Party and right wing Republicans, but no different than Kennedy, Carter, and Clinton. It’s part of the job folks. Not a job for wimps.

          12. And you’re a proven idiot who votes for a racist/bigoted/sexist bafoon, see you in November.

          13. Over 60 people she worked with died suspiciously. How many you know died suspiciously? One? None? This is mathematically impossible not to be be involved in some of them.

          14. You can make up as many stats that you want ass clown but that doesn’t make it real. You’re so devoid of any real truths or facts to put up that you grasp at anything that sounds plausible in your demented reality and spew it online for every mouth breather to read.

            What 60 you fool, where, when? And then you ramble off some “mathematical” involvement to try to make what you just shat out of your mouth as real. Give me one real incident where she alone went out and killed someone, documented and published and recognized by any branch of law enforcement or stfu. If it’s anything to do with the emails, people much smarter than you already went over it. But I’m sure you’ve got a tinfoil hat story for that.

            And yes my brain is wet because everyones brain is wet. You got one thing right.

            But thanks for this, and when he loses and all the horrible shit comes out, I’ll be here, asshats, to remind you of the losers you are.

          15. I see that Soros gave you a new, nastier profile. Well, at the end of the day, I get to still be me. You, much to your detriment, are stuck being you.

      1. We’re not all dumbasses, despite 3 votes for Obama (including primary). He has been a disappointment, especially when it comes to cannabis and civil rights (asset forfeiture and constitutional rights, no not the one about militias, but Freedom of Speech, without being spied on, and Freedom of the Press, and the 10th amendment).

        Hillary is just like Obama, they started out idealistic, then they sold out.

  3. For the first time, even though I have been honest about my pot use with all my doctors for years, I was told not to use pot 24 hours before a recent colonoscopy. Taking into consideration that pot stays in your system for a month or so at my level of use, it seemed a bit odd. They did indeed question me before the procedure. No such precautions were taken for my rotator cuff surgery in 2015

  4. I wander how much money are they paying her to say this hmmm to me she sold out big time and its a bad way to but her name out there. Its sad really

  5. Meanwhile, Obama’s daughter out smoking it. Obama smoked it, says it’s no worse than alcohol. Yet he keeps it schedule I and keeps the incarcerations going. We don’t have a real progressive option anymore. Big pharma sellouts

    1. It was the PROGRESSIVES that made marijuana illegal in the 1st place. Remember? Right after the passage of the 21st Amendment (which repealed the 18th & made alcohol legal again in the US) the Progressives of that era had to find something else to go after, & pot was it. Congress passed the Marihuana Tax Act in 1937 & the Progressive FDR signed it into law & our nation hasn’t looked back.

      1. in your myopic zeal to discredit progressives, you’re leaving out a few vital facts. sure, fdr ultimately signed off on the marihuana tax act, but harry j. anslinger, who spearheaded the drive to outlaw pot, could hardly be labeled a “progressive.” neither could nixon, reagan, and bush 1, who all doubled down on the failed war on drugs. you must not be familiar with nixon white house staffer john erlichman’s revelation regarding the nixon administration’s targeting of anti-war leftists and blacks with even more draconian drug laws.

        try doing a little research before you go making absurd blanket statements.

        1. Actually Nancy Reagan started the “just say no”! But the people want to hold her in the HIGHEST ESTEEM! FN idiot–she ruined millions of lives with her stupid BS.

          1. the whole time she probably had her own stash in the back….. people kill me… put themselves above the law but expect others to obey it

    2. I hadn’t thought about it that way. You would think by now I would have learned that if the Clintons speak – it’s cuz they are getting paid $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!

    3. definitely that was a big disappointment I had with Obama. I figured he would be more understanding since he stated where he stood on the subject of marijuana. I mean really….

  6. I have been smoking marijuana for 32 years no problem here. I am so tired of the Upper Crust of government and Society making remarks on something they know nothing about. And I do live in Colorado and I can tell you there has been no deaths due to smoking marijuana and I take 13 different pills a day and I have no problem with drug interactions. So Chelsea Clinton why don’t you fact check and do your research before opening your mouth about something you know nothing about .. before you open your mouth.

    1. It runs in the faimily – they just say stuff with no fact check. Aaaaaaaahahahahaha!! Just look at the poster girl for Hitlery’s Trump hates women thingy.

      In 1998, Machado was accused of driving
      her boyfriend “from the scene of a shooting,” and the Associated
      Press subsequently reported a Venezuelan judge said “a former Miss
      Universe threatened to kill him after he indicted her boyfriend for
      attempted murder.”

    2. I have smoked for 30 plus years also.You are so lucky! I’m not a criminal, but my State thinks I am. I currently live in Louisiana-the WORST PRISON STATE–but I’m looking to retire in a few years, sell everything and Colorado–here I come!

    1. so she is “entitled” so you can’t say anything…… i bet they all go take a good long snort after they finish up with these little “appearances” they are paid to attend

  7. I haven’t smoked weed in 35 years. I spent 30 of those years in law enforcement. And, and I can tell you that the war on drugs has got to end, in order to save us all from the oligarchs, the criminals, and big pharma… the Wall St. gang. I’m sick and tired of the false propaganda, designed to further the interests of big business.

    1. Agreed.
      The election in November can change everything. 469 of the 535 congressional seats will be decided.
      We just need a MASSIVE voter turnout… it’s that easy.

    2. Thanks Terry. Appreciate your service and your view on the failed war on drugs. I have no idea how many officers died because of this failed policy, but the number must be high.

  8. Clickbait bullshit. She suggested anecdotal evidence suggests that there might be interactions with other drugs. That’s it. That’s all she said. The headline makes you think that she claims pot kills people. She never said any such thing.

    1. There is no evidence this is true, not “anecdotal” or otherwise. That’s the point you are missing and she also mentions “coroners”. Just complete made up bull shit so why don’t you quit defending stupidity?

  9. oh for fucks sake! They smoke teh best damn weed on the planet and want to pull this bs….no more!! No fucking more of their shit. Their time is over.
    Sorry….i’m sick of this family…..i want them gone….they are evil incarnate in their thoughts and deeds…..the very epitome of the psychopathic bloodline.

  10. I’m wondering how much was she paid to say this? Per word? Per sentence? By all means keep pushing narcotics but keep a natural remedy which helps people illegal. Gotta keep those prisons full don’t we.

  11. HC is just out right fool to continue any testing for cannabis what she is really saying is she know nothing on the matter and a truck of evidence could hit her (I wish ) even that would further her studies but that god she be dead , Cannabis is there cash cow making billions for the real criminals in Congress and within the law enforcement . Which really should be a party cause they want a say and speak to the issue , and every time i hear them its same old bull shit Gate way Drug for every state voting please people get out and vote for legalization its a liberty dignitary cause for our republic form of government , vote for gary johnson or jill the other two are just same old shit

  12. There is no such present action which would cause a gate way to other drugs …its a human decision that one moves to other drugs not the drug making anyone move to other drugs therefore there is no such thinking as to gate way drug no such thing

  13. “…other things they were taking…”
    That’s the stuff that killed them. The stuff that’s DEA and FDA approved.

  14. The disease of privilege- those that walk in a sphere disassociated from the rest of society. That like to comment thinking that people outside that bubble really care what they think.

    She needs to inhale to complete the education that here father started but because of a lack of courage and conviction could not complete. Or she like him could just be lying to enrich and endear herself to the enemies of those who wish to end the terror of prohibition.

  15. And just yesterday there was news of cannabidiol being effective in treating epilepsy in children. That doesn’t sounds dangerous. 😛

  16. “So absolutely, my mom strongly supports the need for more rigorous study…”

    Oh come on! Such b.s.! I got a great book here, Marijuana Myths Marijuana Facts by Lynn Zimmer Ph.D., and John P. Morgan M.D., that came out in 1997 and aside from being one of the best, detailed books on Cannabis I have, they when into detail about some of the testing that actually had been done up to that point, by several nations (not just the U.S.) and even in 1997 the evidence was overwhelming.

    Time to drop the reefer madness. And anyone who is willing to believe and put their trust that Hillary will ever move past this same old “more rigorous study” b.s. is more dangerous being the ignorant fool that they are than any cannabis smoker.

  17. HC is a criminal as to the law under many issue she agree to murder of branch devilishness in Tx she has taken power she has for profit you must donate to get an audience with her , she is nothing more then a women in that her views will not protect the republic she continue to attack the citizen guns issue and continue to lie and hide , vote for trump

  18. I personally don’t like being stoned and haven’t smoked weed in over 25 years, but I firmly believe it must be de-criminalized if not completely legalized, and that the less control industry has over it’s production, the better. Ideally those who wish to partake could have their own plant growing in their window. Trump is a disaster, but so are the Clintons.

  19. Um your mother kills people and children for oil !!!
    I think you Chelsea, should go to war instead of our daughters. You first. Suit up !!!

  20. Study those who have been smoking it for decades. A lady I know claims that eating mango while smoking enhances the high.

  21. So if I combine weed with rat poison and die, she will say marijuana was what killed me. Great logic just like her mom and her bathroom servers.

  22. Marijuana if smoked is not good for lungs but tylenol is bad for the kidneys..etc etc…every drug has a side effect…..marijuana can be ingested so……drug interactions the physician who dispensed is at fault for not checking interactions

  23. Couldn’t imagine that these uneducated comments have anything to do with the impact it WILL have on the pharmaceutical and their need to create addiction to hold their place in power… -Rolls eyes-

  24. ““So absolutely, my mom strongly supports the need for more rigorous study and then subjecting it, as we do kind of everything else that might have a medicinal purpose, to FDA approval, scrutiny and ultimately regulation.”

    Well, there have been more studies done on cannabis than on any other FDA approved drug… so there’s that…

  25. I am 100% for full legalization. But saying that marijuana does not cause life threatening interactions with seizure medications is 100% false and irresponsible.

    Things I would testify to under oath that I’ve witnessed
    1) CBD oil does reduce seizures.
    2) CBD oil does interact with other prescription pharmaceuticals
    3) CBD caused an interaction with Depakote causing levels to go through the roof
    4) This skyrocketing level of Depakote caused pancreatitis (pancreatitis can be deadly)
    5) CBD does interact with Benzo’s and specifically, a very dangerous anti-seizure medication called Onfi (clobazam). This particular drug is highly addictive and very hard to wean. And high levels are toxic.

    Things I have heard from other parents who directly witnessed events
    1) Onfi levels went through the roof with interaction with CBD and the result was their child going into status. Status is basically never ending seizures… which is very dangerous and can lead to death


    However, because of the legality issues surrounding it, doctors in some states refuse to be a part of the treatment. THIS IS THE PROBLEM.

    But, please, do not diminish the effects that drug interactions can cause because it can end someones life.

    1. Not only on the battlefields around the world but also in abortion “clinics” throughout the country…& I bet the #’s are in the MILLIONS, not the thousands.


    1. People making decisions for themselves isn’t very Progressive. We all know the Progressive thing to do would be to regulate [i.e., control], tax & tax some more. It’s all for your own good, of course.

  26. I’m 47 years old and disabled. I have several health issues, I’m considered a complicated patient. I live with severe pain everyday. I’m also bipolar. My doctors had me try Marijuana. I tried several different types in several different ways. Everytime it was the same outcome. I would be thrown into severe migraines and would experience terrible paranoia. It also caused my lungs to close up even when used in food. I was told that I am overly sensitive to it or that I’m allergic to it. So I believe that the ones who claim that’s it’s bad for you is because of thier experience with it had a negative outcome. Just like any medication it’s not for everyone.

  27. Since Mommy accepted more money from Big Pharma in campaign “donations” than any other candidate, what do you expect??

  28. Clearly the only way to clear things up would be for Hills to come out in favor of the speedy removal of cannabis from the shedule. She could show us how progressive She can be… I’m not sure the campaign could handle that much enthusiasm.. Just sayin’

  29. Progress is slow. Clinton is quoted (on Jimmy Kimmel Live) as stating:

    “Let’s take (marijuana) off the what’s called Schedule I and put it on a lower schedule so that we can actually do research about it. There’s some great evidence about what marijuana can do for people who are in cancer treatment, who have other kind of chronic diseases, who are suffering from intense pain.”

    And, she also has a B+ grade from the Marijuana Policy Project — compared to a C+ from Trump, the only other presidential candidate who has a chance of winning. And, let’s be realistic, you may love Johnson or Stein, but neither is going to win this election.

    Yet, judging by many of these insane and conspiracy-laden comments, one would think everyone wants to take a step back and help elect Mr. Trump, who, by they way, has stated:

    “I’d say [regulating marijuana] is bad. Medical marijuana is another thing, but I think it’s bad and I feel strongly about that.” on C-SPAN.

    If we really want decriminalization and legalization, we need to stop voting against our self-interests.


    #1- One acre of hemp can produce 300 gallons of Hempseed Oil
    #2- Almost everything that is made from “Fossil Fuels”,
    can be made from Eco-Friendly Hemp Oil.
    #3- One acre of hemp that is grown for fuel will produce
    OVER- 200 gallons of Bio-Diesel or 1000 gals. of Methanol.

    Big Oil has invested millions of dollars for over 80 years
    in keeping, “Hemp Off the Open Market”.
    As long as “evil marijuana” is illegal, “Hemp” is illegal.

    In 1921, President Warren G Harding appointed Andrew Mellon (OWNER OF GULF OIL), Secretary of Treasury. Mellon created the “Bureau Of Narcotics” (DEA), a Division of the Treasury Department. Mellon then appointed his “nephew in law” Harry J. Anslinger, as Narcotic’s First Commissioner.
    With propaganda support from William Randolph Hearst (owner of most of the newspapers and magazines in America) and financial support from oil, pharmaceutical, cotton, and chemical industries, to help Anslinger “artificially convinced” Congress that marijuana is a “dangerous drug” and should be controlled. The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 went through Congress in just “two days”. Most of the members of Congress that voted on the “MTA- Bill”, “didn’t know” that marijuana and hemp came from the same plant family, Cannabis Sativa.

    How would the Industries listed below benefit by removing Hemp from the OPEN MARKETS?

    #1- It takes, THREE acres of Cotton Fibers
    to equal, ONE acre of Hemp Fibers:
    #2- Hemp does this, using 1/2 the water as cotton requires.
    #3- Hemp requires NO CHEMICALS,
    #4- Cotton requires chemicals in every stage of its growth.
    25% of all Pesticides manufactured around the world
    is just for the growing of cotton. COTTON is the most
    “ecologically damaging”, commercially grown, crop on earth.

    Before Marijuana became Illegal in 1937. 75% of all the products on Drug Store Shelves contained extracts of natural Hemp/Marijuana in them. They had to be replaced by “man made” DRUGS and products, with their side effects and cautions.

    Bio-Degradable Plastics can be made from Hemp Oil,
    instead of non-biodegradable, toxic crude oil.

    The USDA reported that an acre of hemp produced as much paper as four acres of trees annually.
    (The major environmental impacts of producing “wood pulp”
    come from its impact on forest sources and from its
    “waste chemical” by-products.)

    The growing of Hemp is one of the best sources of
    “Carbon Sequestration”, while producing Oxygen.
    Save the trees, plant Hemp

    HEMP has the longest, strongest, and the most durable natural fiber of “any” plant. Manufactured “HEMP- Beams and Trusses”, will help save our FOREST.
    “Hempcrete” is an excellent form of natural construction insulation. Stronger than concrete, at 1/6 the weight.

    These are but a few of the 1000’s of products that can be made from HEMP. That is why in 1938, Popular Mechanics Magazine reported that HEMP is a “Billion Dollar Crop”. Just imagine what it could be worth today if the Marihuana Tax Act (MTA) of 1937, hadn’t come along?
    (YOUTUBE: “The True History Of Marijuana”)

    * FOSSIL FUELS: are the #1 causes of Global Warming. Replacing
    the use of fossil fuels “will be” the goal #1, for EVERYONE on Earth.
    The longer we wait, the worse OUR Dependence will suffer.
    * Deforestation is reducing the amount of Oxygen in the atmosphere.
    * By using Bio-Degradable products, the long-term volume of trash at
    the landfills will be reduced.
    * Hemp is commercially grown, without prosecution, in every country
    around the world except for here in the USA.
    Danny Adams Mesa, Az. USA
    Hemp Education and Environment Quality

  31. Chelsea is as CROOKED an crazy as the REST of this CLINTON CRIME CARTEL! In a few years we will have another power hungry Clinton running for POTUS SMH!

  32. You can study, catalog and display every rose in the world … but they still will all be ROSES at day’s end. Harmless, pretty flowers. The Clinton kid knows nothing except what’s put on the flash cards from her Mommy’s Big Pharma buddies.

  33. I don’t trust Hillary Clinton to reschedule cannabis. Like a lot of other Democrats, she will backtrack and tell the people that the ball is in Congress’ Court.

  34. There is no shortage of misguided Trump supporters out there. Do you really think a hothead who has a freak-out over tweets should have access to our nuclear arsenal? Somebody who has absolutely zero political experience, and who has never held office? I hope that is some kind of cannabis-influenced jocularity.

  35. over 5 million were arrested on Bill Clinton’s watch. The last thing we need is the FDA crooks regulating it.. just look no further than epipen -we pay 6x more than Canada France England because Mylan has the FDA backed monopoly. Trump would be good for economic matters but he’d be surrounded by Republicans which are no different than Clinton and the Democrats..

  36. And some people are pushing for a Clinton dynasty. Putting Hillary in the White House is just going to give Chelsea an even bigger podium to spread her b.s. against the Cannabis community. Whoever is dumb enough to trust in Hillary needs to rethink.

    As a 27 year old staff attorney for the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate investigation, Hillary Rodham was fired by her supervisor, lifelong Democrat Jerry Zeifman. When asked why Hillary Rodham was fired, Zeifman said in an interview, “Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality.”

    And it has been a long haul of deeply serious lies, many of which are documented, ever since. And some if you think she won’t lie about Cannabis!! Wow…

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  38. Once again Hillary proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is:
    1.) Inept as a political strategist.
    2.) Totally in the pocket of BIG PHARMA.
    First of all…we all know that if Clinton flat out said she would legalize weed if elected she could all but guarantee that every single person under the age of 35 would probably vote for her instantly for economic recovery reasons, health concerns, and simply to be legally able to toke.
    Big Pharma does not want legal weed as it would completely negate their efforts to continue to rip off people suffering from cancer as they might just find out they don’t need chemo, just better treatment.
    I wonder if Chelsea was stoned when she made the comments she did?

  39. Donald Trump has announced his support of a federalist stance regarding the question of marijuana reform, in which questions of regulated adult use should be “left to the states.” The Republican presidential candidate, also expressed his full, unqualified support of medical marijuana reform.

    See what Trump just said this week in his own words, about states with legal cannabis. starts at 4:10

    Trump is 100% behind Medical Cannabis.

    I have debilitating Lyme decease and Cannabis is the only thing that helps without side effects of the so called legal drugs, which Kill people everyday, Cannabis has never Kill anyone and is 114% safer then alcohol.

    I’m voting for Donald J. Trump!

  40. God help us from another Hack Clinton who is full of beans. She’s another loud-mouth Clinton loser who we’ll be dealing with for the next 40 years unless the friggin dynasty is broken

  41. Shawn Lucas Cause of Death Still Unknown as Clinton’s Campaign,s on
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    Shawn Lucas Cause of Death Still Unknown as Clinton’s Campaign,s on

  42. Another generation of marijuana dinosaurs on the rise? Let’s hope not. At least she sees it has some therapeutic value. That’s progress.

  43. U.S. Institute On Drug Abuse: Currently, for 2016; 47 percent of all traffic fatalities have tested positive for prescription drugs.

  44. On what does she base her ass backwards statement? Not 1 single person has ever died ,overdosed on cannabis ever. Ever. The war on drugs is a complete disaster. I mean all those hundreds of thousands of people in jail for simple possession of pot, that is a fuckin’ crime.

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