Chris Webby Talks About Hillary Clinton and His Long Love Affair With Weed

Whether he’s rapping a lyric or being interviewed, Chris Webby doesn’t hold back.
Chris Webby Talks About Hillary Clinton and His Long Love Affair With Weed
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If you’ve never listened to Chris Webby’s music–you should. In a world where the hip-hop arena is dominated by trappers and mumble rappers with tattoos on their faces and little substance to their lyrics, Webby’s well-rounded bars shine like a beacon in the dark.

Webby became a viral star last year after dropping an amazing freestyle over Dr. Dre’s “What’s The Difference” during an interview with Sway Calloway on SiriusXM. He killed it, dissing “new school” MCs and slaying crooked policy-makers:

Remember the name, C-Web, I spit sickly,
I got my competition breathing hard as Chris Christie.

Beyond free-styling, Webby is a great writer. A good intro to his music can be found in his “Raw Thoughts” series, a rap trilogy where he lists all the people he does not like and explains his reasons. In the first song of this trilogy, Webby puts “scummy politicians”—as he calls them—to shame.

It’s hard not to crack up over his slick burns, as he calls the former anti-weed Attorney General Jeff Sessions an “old Smurf,” promising to “light up a doobie” on his “turf.”

As one explores Webby’s music, it’s obvious this guy is all about weed. His albums Homegrown, The Checkup, and Wednesday all feature marijuana leaves on the cover art. Webby also recorded a few odes to pot, with his recent song “Sativa” featuring famous stoner B-Real of Cypress Hill:

This sh*t is sublime.
Hit it and lift up your mind.
The most specific of kinds,
Particular strains I’m smoking during daytime
Got me feeling high and energetic at the same damn time.

Feeling the urge to talk weed with this verbose, pot-loving rapper, High Times hit up Webby to meet up.

Webby’s Love of Weed

Webby says he grew up in a weed-friendly house. His dad was a musician, and his mom was a middle school teacher. They were respected members of the community and enjoyed a good ol’ joint every once in a while.

“I caught them when I was really young and, obviously, at the time they didn’t want me to smoke weed,” Webby tells High Times. “So, when they caught me in the eighth grade, they scolded me. They were right too. They explained my brain wasn’t done forming yet. Weed is for adults.”

But, as he got older, his love of pot could no longer be contained or hidden.

“Nowadays, I smoke weed with my parents,” he says. “I think that being in that sort of a household allowed me to realize marijuana isn’t a bad thing and that people like my mom, a school teacher for more than 30 years, a pillar of society, could use it and still be good, productive people.”

Over time, Webby didn’t just develop a love of weed and a passion for advocacy, he also developed a deep understanding of the strains that best work for him.

“There’s no doubt that different types of weed will put you in different types of places,” he says. “I have my bedtime weed, I have [my] when-I-want-to-write weed, I have a nice sativa for when it’s creative time, and a nice heavy indica when I’m ready to go to bed and just need something to help me get there.”

Best. Joint. Ever

Over a long conversation, Webby discussed politicians, opioids, his ADHD and use of Adderall, and many other topics. At one point, we decided to go for a classic cannabis enthusiast question: What’s the story of the best joint you’ve ever smoked?

“Well, that one’s a thinker,” he says. “Let me think for a while. In the meantime, let me tell you the story about the guy who taught me how to roll a joint. I was in high school and I went on vacation with my buddy Nick to an island called Bequia, in the Caribbean. It’s a very small island and his family knew somebody who lived there, so we went and stayed with them.”

“I remember we would walk around this island, we met everybody, and we befriended this young Rasta named Linton. I would say was probably about 25 [years-old] or so. Linton was the fucking man. He showed us around a bunch of nights and he was always rolling joints. Up to this point, I had remained pretty unsuccessful at rolling a good joint. Linton broke it down for me and he not only taught me how to roll a joint, [but] he also taught me how to roll a joint while on the move. We walked around town and he had me rolling joints until I got it right.”

“To this day, I still use Linton’s rolling technique.”

‘Yo, Hillary’

Moving away from cannabis, we returned to “Raw Thoughts” rap. In that song, Webby does not only destroys Jeff Sessions, but he also incinerates other well-known conservative politicians like Ted Cruz (whose face puts him in a “crappy mood”) and former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt—promising to “build a pipeline through his wooden kitchen cabinets.” At one point, Webby unexpectedly recites:

But, yo, Hillary.
Really? You think that I wouldn’t mention you
Just ’cause I tend to be liberal with all my general views?
But you’re an evil lady; [I’ll] say it ’cause I got to.
I’m down to have a woman President. Just not you!
You Claire Underwood-ass bitch, you wicked witch
Lyin’ through your fuckin’ teeth every single chance that you get…

We asked if he was really down to have a woman president. After all, “Raw Thoughts II” is a feminist-as-hell song:

Bill O’Reilly says he’s sorry but really none of us buy it,
You can’t pay me off like all of those women to keep me quiet.
Who cares if he denies it, I’ll still come for him…
I’ll teach that old prick to treat women with respect
When I jam a pair of stainless steel scissors in his neck…
Old, gross, and crusty, outdated, and rusty,
Out of shape and husky.
Do you know how to tell if Bill O’Reilly’s near?
When you hear a woman scream: “Don’t touch me!”

“Absolutely,” he unhesitantly responded. “I think a female in the White House could be a great thing. I think that Hillary Clinton is a very poor representation of what a female in America truly is; I think she is a corrupt politician like the rest of them… And, at that point, why even put a gender on it?”

“She is the same as them,” he continues. “She is a horrible person and horrible people cannot be defined by male and female. But I think a woman in the White House could actually be a great thing. I think women think differently [and] tend to be more compassionate [and] tend to sit back and think before they act a little bit more than testosterone-driven men… There are there are differences between men and women. I’m all for equal everything, but beyond all that there is the difference between a man and a female, going back to what we are as a species, before all this society stuff came into play.”

So, what about women in cannabis? What makes the cannabis industry more receptive to women? Why are there more C-Suite female executives in cannabis than in most other industries?

“I think the marijuana industry just attracts a lot of people like us; just cooler individuals who are just with it… Of course, women can be in charge of stuff. For me, that’s a no brainer.

“I think that’s one of the coolest things about marijuana: it brings cool people together. Through my life I’ve met some of the most incredible people through just smoking a joint.”

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