Climbers Rescued From Mountain After Smoking Too Much Weed

Climbers Rescued From Mountain After Smoking Too Much Weed

Four hikers had to call for help from search and rescue over the weekend when they got a little too high on top of England’s tallest mountain. The group was eventually brought down to safety, but the debacle has stirred up local controversy.

Getting Too High

Climbers Rescued From Mountain After Smoking Too Much Weed

On Saturday evening around 6:30 p.m., Cumbria police were called to help rescue a group of four hikers who were stuck at the top of Scafell Pike. Apparently, the men made it to the top of the peak earlier that afternoon and at some point, consumed what was obviously a little too much weed.

They ended up getting so high they felt like they wouldn’t be able to hike back down again. Answering the emergency call, local police worked with the Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team.

The rescue group, which is made up of volunteers who live in the region, successfully brought the stoned hikers back to safety and everybody was off the mountain by 9:45 p.m.

As the ordeal unfolded, Cumbria police tweeted updates. “Persons stuck on mountain, after taking cannabis,” one tweet read. “Having to deploy M’tain Rescue, Air support and Ambulance to rescue them…..”

Later that night, after the rescue had successfully concluded, authorities wrote: “Persons rescued after becoming incapable of walking due to cannabis use. MRT volunteers putting themselves at risk to prevent harm.”

Standing at 3,209 feet tall, Scafell Pike is the tallest mountain in England. It is part of Lake District National Park, which is located in the northern county of Cumbria.

Stirring Up Controversy

When the rescue had finished, and everyone was back to safety, the event sparked a flurry of social media activity.

Some used social media to suggest that the stoned hikers be responsible for paying back the costs of the rescue mission. Others called the group out for being irresponsible.

“Really? What bloody idiots,” one person commented. “They should pay you for rescuing them in these circumstances.”

Others expressed skepticism at the hikers’ claim that they were too high to walk.

“I find it hard to believe that they are completely unable to walk because of cannabis use,” one person tweeted. “Silly people will get into silly situations. Well done to MRT and police though!”

Final Hit: Climbers Rescued From Mountain After Smoking Too Much Weed

Recreational cannabis remains illegal in the UK, where it is classified a Class B drug. It’s unclear if the four men will face any legal consequences for the weekend’s mishap. But local police commented that “no arrests had been made in connection with this incident.”

Authorities used the rescue as a chance to issue some safety reminders. In particular, the Cumbria police reminded locals and visitors to take precautions while hiking in the mountains.

“Carry the right equipment and food, and know how to use it,” Cumbria police Superintendent Justin Bibby said. “Taking alcohol or any other substance that could impair your judgment significantly increases your risk of getting into trouble. It has no place on a mountain.”

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