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Coca-Cola Workers Discover 800 Pounds of Cocaine

Mike Adams




Things go better with Coke.

A work crew pulling a shift at a Coca-Cola factory in Southern France made a shocking discovery earlier this week when they stumbled upon more than 800 pounds of cocaine that was being smuggled inside a shipping container originating from Costa Rica.

Reports from the BBC indicate that the workers were under the impression that they were unloading a shipment of orange juice concentrate when all of a sudden they were standing in possession of 370 kilograms of South American wonder dust—estimated to have a street value of $55 million, according to prosecutor Xavier Tarabeux.

Although finding a fat stash of blow at some point during a long day may be the dream of some people, a representative for Coca-Cola France said the employees were quick to report the incident and the authorities were called in right away.

“You can well imagine the surprise,” a spokesman for Coca-Cola told the Telegraph, adding that the workers who discovered the illegal shipment were not suspects in the investigation.

Interestingly, countless reports over the years have alluded that Coca-Cola once included cocaine as part of its concoction in order to wind up the masses and make it one of the best selling beverages in the world. However, the company has always asserted that the drug was never one of the main ingredients.

What appears to be true, however, is that Coca-Cola did use trace amounts of cocaine back in the early years, which was not at all controversial because the substance was considered to have medicinal properties. But the company eventually discontinued this practice by 1929.

It is worth mentioning, though, that Coca-Cola still contains large amounts of one of the most dangerous drugs in the world—sugar.