Cop Returns Weed to Man Who Dropped His Stash

Cop Returns Weed to Man Who Dropped His Stash
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A man was caught trying to conceal a baggie filled with weed that he dropped. In an unexpected turn of events, a cop returned the weed to the man. The body cam footage of this event was captured in Seattle, Washington and shared on World Star Hip Hop.

Weed is legal in Washington, so don’t expect to get this kind of treatment in states without legalized marijuana.

What Went Down

Other than the man’s bag of weed, here’s what went down.

The footage cuts in after a police officer approaches a man on a street corner. For some reason, the man is holding a shoe and smoking a cigarette.

The officer starts to question the visibly flustered man asking, “you doing alright?”

He responded by saying, “I’m selling this shoe.”

“Uh huh,” the officer said with a hint of disbelief. The officer gave him the benefit of the doubt, not arguing that he might be selling the item he just dropped.

The man looked as if he was looking for something inside of the shoe in his hand. That’s when the officer asked, “did you drop something?”

This prompted the man to look down and have a sudden realization. Looking guilty AF, he steps onto something on the floor and replies, “no.”

The officer asks him to take a step back. The camera pans to the floor, where there is a black grocery bag by the man’s feet. The officer lifts the black bag and under it is what looks like a tiny dime bag of weed.

Chill Cop Returns Weed

That’s when the man and most other people would think things were going to go sour. Fortunately, the officer proved our assumptions wrong.

The officer picks it up and says, “Ah, that’s just marijuana, put that away.”

The man lucky enough to have his weed returned looked like he was too busy shitting himself to react. We don’t blame him.

Still in shock and trying to keep his story going, the man sets the shoe down and says, “these are size 13. I’m trying to sell them.”

Then it settles in that he’s in Seattle, wasn’t caught during a transaction and won’t be leaving the corner in cuffs. That’s when he casually engages the officer in conversation, “how you doing today?”

“I’m doing great,” the officer responds before adding, “just remember you’re not supposed to display it or smoke in public.”

The man agreed, and the officer thanked him before leaving the man to continue his day.

Since the man accidentally dropped it and wasn’t intentionally displaying the cannabis, the officer let him off the hook. Not before educating him on the new cannabis laws, though.

If you’re from Seattle or visiting, you’ll be able to have weed on you without getting busted. However, don’t get caught smoking it or showing it in public and you should be good. We wouldn’t bet that every cop returns weed in Seattle.

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