Cops Bust Man Named ‘Weed’ with 20 Pounds of Cannabis

Oklahoma City Cops Bust Man Named “Weed” with Twenty Pounds of Weed

Does anyone remember last April when Harry Potter, a teenaged muggle in England, got arrested for selling pot? Now we have a similar case, but this time with a less famous but equally descriptive surname. Jason Weed, age 25, was recently busted by the Oklahoma City Police with more than 10 pounds of weed in his vehicle.

Weed Busted With Weed

Weed was with two other people, both teenagers. Unlike last year’s case involving Harry Potter (real name), who got caught after running around town on a moped leaving the scent of cannabis in his wake, Jason Weed is in a bit of a different category.

That’s because Weed also had a gun, which resulted in the additional charge of possession of a “firearm in the commission of a felony.” According to the arresting officers, who were tipped off about a possible drug delivery, Weed had an assault-style rifle.

The Family That Tokes Together . . .

Reportedly, the Weed family, which includes Jason’s younger brother and parents, have all been hauled in for possession of large amounts of weed with the intent to sell.

Jason’s 19-year-old brother, Brandon Weed, and his girlfriend were arrested last month with nearly $45,000 in cash, scales, bongs and a number of guns. Their stash was found during a search of their home.

In announcing the arrest on its Facebook page, the Oklahoma City Police Department made this oh-so-clever comment about the three detainees: “They are now enjoying the fine amenities courtesy of the Oklahoma County Jail! Great job by officers for taking ‘Weed’ and weed off of the streets of OKC!”

As of July 1, a first offense for possessing any amount of weed in Oklahoma is a misdemeanor and carries up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Sale of less than 25 pounds of cannabis is a felony punishable by two years to life. And if you’re caught with over 25 pounds of weed, you could face anywhere from four years to life.

So if you’re ever passing through Oklahoma, clean out your car because you do not want to end up with your mug shot on OKCPD’s Facebook page.

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