Cops Use Drug Dealer’s Cell Phone To Text His Customers

Have you heard about the cautionary tale where cops used a drug dealer’s cell phone to text his customers? It’s real.
Cops Use Drug Dealer's Cell Phone to Text His Customers

In case you weren’t paranoid enough, we just heard a story in which cops used a drug dealer’s cell phone to text his customers. It’s like something out of an urban legend. Or a cautionary tale. Either way, here’s a real-life account of your worst drug-related fear.

Cell Phone Or Prison Cell?

We now have considerable information regarding the uncanny ability of law enforcement to tap into cell phone signals. And yet, people still have a cavalier attitude when it comes to using these devices to communicate with their dealers. It’s like watching dominos fall every time someone gets busted. Police simply dissect the phone records of that individual to line up all of the future targets in their investigation.

Even more unnerving? Police forces are now using these digital details to taunt and intimidate drug users into either turning themselves in. Or snitch out others.

And it seems to be working.

Recently, the New South Wales Police Force (NSWPF) in Australia sent out a text message to more than 2,000 people letting them know that they had apprehended their drug dealer. The text was sent from the dealer’s phone. It urged the recipients to come forward with any information they might have on criminal organizations connected to this individual.

“This pH no has been ID’d as part of a NSWPF Cocaine investigation in the Sydney area,” the text read. “If you have any information please contact Crime Stoppers on 1300 333 000.”

The recipients’ first move should have been to destroy their phones. Perhaps even invest in a prepaid model until the heat dies down. But not everyone kept their cool in this situation.

A spokesperson for the NSW police told local news sources that they have already received nearly 40 replies from frightened associates—all wanting to cooperate with authorities. That’s right. Dozens of snitches have crawled out of the woodwork worried that they, too, will be implicated somehow in the drug trade.

Like we said. Dominos.

Smartphone Snitches

Cops Use Drug Dealer's Cell Phone to Text His Customers

It was through a recent investigation that led NSW police to get into the crawl of an organized drug ring and make around 30 arrests. These busts turned up hundreds of grams of cocaine, MDMA, weapons and around $120,000 in cash.

And also cells phones with the numbers of thousands of people.

All of the seized phones, which came complete with names and contact information, were used to make drug deals, according to police.

The text request for smartphone snitches did not come with any obligation for a response or promises of immunity. However, people have a tendency to believe that if they cooperate with police, they have a better chance at walking away unscathed. This is not always true.

Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Bell says the department will now follow up with everyone who replied to their text and make them part of the next phase of the investigation. So far, more than 20 people have been arrested in connection to the drug ring, while the rest of them were hit with possession charges.

Final Hit: Cops Use Drug Dealer’s Cell Phone To Text His Customers

In these situations, it is never a good idea to join forces with the police.

Even if there is the potential to get off with no legal consequences, this type of cooperation has been known to get people killed. So what do you do when cops use a drug dealer’s cell phone to text his customers? Keep your mouth shut. Police cannot arrest someone for simply using drugs.

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