Damian Marley Is Growing Weed In An Abandoned Prison

Light one up to Damian Marley’s latest song, “Medication.”
Damian Marley Is Growing Weed In An Abandoned Prison

Bob Marley’s youngest son doesn’t believe in using prisons to take the freedoms of people that grow, sell and use cannabis. Instead, Damian Marley is growing weed in an abandoned prison.

We got our first look at the prison turned pot farm in Damian’s latest music video. His brother, Stephen Marley, joins him to drop lyrics dedicated to the glory of cannabis and a need for change. He illustrates the change he wants to see with mages of prisoners in their cells quickly turning to cannabis plants growing indoors or being harvested.


At the start of his latest single, you can hear recordings of people’s personal accounts with using cannabis to cure their diseases. Then, voices advocate legalizing cannabis before the reggae beat begins to play.

The lyrics start by appreciating the beauty and capabilities of cannabis. “Your leaves of green, your purples and blue. Has cured little kids, and old women too.”

In the first verse, Damian personifies cannabis, giving it a name and exclaiming, “I love you Mary Jane! You’re the prettiest of flowers, girl me can’t complain… And you no do people damage, like that bitch cocaine.”

Hypocrisy In The Industry

In the second verse, the lyrics focus on the hypocrisy in parts of the cannabis industry.

“Babylon so duppy, dem fight you fi years, and now the whole a dem a buy shares,” Damian spits.

Babylon is a way to refer to a corrupt system. The point he is trying to make is that large corporations that have been fighting to keep cannabis illegal are now buying shares to reap the benefits of legal cannabis.”


The third verse is about how he likes to grow weed indoors with “not a stick nor seed. And she never force ripe, it was a real slow speed. No fertilizer, natural baby feed. No cross pollination, she’s a real pure breed.”

This verse sounds like a guide on how to grow organic weed. Damian has claimed that the integrity of his cannabis is important to him. He won’t sell something he isn’t comfortable using personally. His farm is expected to generate at least a hundred of jobs with other monetary benefits.

Prison Pot Farm

Bob Marley’s youngest son Damian partnered with Ocean Grown Extracts to purchase the Claremont Custody Center in the City of Coalinga. The facility was shut down in 2011 and sold in 2016. The town got $4.1 million for the sale which helped to alleviate their $3.3 million debt.

Final Hit: Damian Marley Is Growing Weed In An Abandoned Prison

Damian Marley’s plan to turn a prison into a pot farm has become a reality. He is using both his farm and music to shift the perspective of cannabis as an illegal drug to a medicine. If you’re a fan of weed and reggae, you’ll love this track. Damian has been a performing musician since the age of 13 and he’s now using his art to illustrate a need for change. By turning a prison that once profited from cannabis being criminalized into a place where medicine is made, he paints a perfect picture of the type of change we need today.

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