DEA Compares Home-Grows to Meth Houses

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Leave it to the DEA to compare growing your own pot at home to the “meth houses of the 1990s.”

In a puzzling new report, the DEA claims that Colorado’s homegrown pot has led to large-scale operations that risk occupants, neighbors and first responders because of a series of conditions that will probably remind most people of their first apartment or their college dorm room.

In its so-called Intelligence Report for June, the DEA lays out what it regards as the dangers of growing pot at home, which include strong odors, excessive noise from air-conditioning, electrical transformers, heavy traffic, moisture, condensation, mold and loose or entangled electrical wires.

Naturally, legalization advocates were not happy with what they viewed as a report based on faulty science and wildly incorrect and unsubstantiated information.

For starters, Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) told that home-grows are not what they used to be.

“Colorado’s laws have shifted the vast majority of marijuana growing out of homes and into tightly controlled facilities,” he explained.

What the DEA did not take into consideration is that any clean home grow facility can be just as well maintained and clean as any facility—whether outdoor, commercial or a home hobby gardener.

Mold, while a real health issue, depends on humidity, which can be easily measured with a hygrometer and controlled by using a dehumidifier or air conditioner.

Paul Armentano, of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), pointed out that the “DEA’s ‘Flat Earth’ position toward marijuana” was based on “outdated and ineffective scare-tactics that contribute nothing productive to this ongoing, important nationwide narrative.”

Tvert also suggested that the DEA’s attempt to compare a home-grow to a meth house is more outrageous than ever as more states are moving to legalize recreational marijuana.

He called comparing marijuana growers to meth chefs “ridiculous,” which is why the DEA is the “the least credible government agency in America.”

  1. Another example of the DEA lying and using fear to protect their existence. A tradition since 1937.
    So if I grew tomato starts in my basement, wouldn’t there be the same alleged risks and hazards that the DEA spokes-idiot suggests? Or peppers? mint? Basil? Thyme? Poinsettias?
    Cannabis is just another plant.

    1. Why can’t the DEA pick up the country’s budget. They confiscate large amounts of money and drugs where does all of that go the question is no one ever asked do anybody know the percentage of drugs that enter the United States of America on a daily basis nope no one ever asked and they never show up they just bring up things like war and politics and terrorists and zika to keep your mind off this s*** that they do but yet they do not want to legalize marijuana why because that is a crutch is a easy way to make money the cartels grow it she push it shipping and They confiscated water main drugs like opium cocaine also the new drug that the federal government legalized and it’s now on the street liquid marijuana sounds like k2 synthetic to me all this is on the internet do you research Free Press a man

  2. Can we knock it of with all this “out-dated views, misinformation and propaganda” shit? It’s gotten old YEARS AGO!!! And we are sick and tired of it. Just stop and accept that Cannabis isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so stop this “OMFG weed is so bad because we said so” crap!

    1. First of all we haven’t said a damn thing the federal government says marijuana it’s dangerous and addictive. You probably don’t get the picture because you do not have to go to the black market to buy cannabis you probably drink or do hard drugs that are easily to get like your openings AKA painkillers that are prescribed by doctor number one number 2 probably smoke tobacco that is a plant that is grown and regulated that has no medical values but yet they sell it we buy it just like the rest of this b******* you’re talking about you’re talking about stop and give up they’re not going to legalize no time soon that’s what’s wrong with the United States of America we give up too damn easily and give into the lies the plant is more innocent than me and your ideas put together you probably feed the feds b******* and pay your taxes Faithfully like most Americans do thank you for your comment and have a good day

  3. These idiot pieces of shit need to just go away…a major waste of government resources and tax dollars. Funny how it is us (the taxpayers) that are paying for this bullshit. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Worthless government agencies wasting our hard-earned tax dollars.

  4. Noise from air conditioners? Strong smells? Heavy traffic???? Are you fucking insane!!! This is normal for ANY house in the summer time……. DEA needs to fuck off.

  5. Well they do have a point about tangled wires. One could possibly overload an electrical circuit and you might be at work so you would not be home to mitigate any fire hazzard. It’s a tough issue. One does not want one’s cannabis habit to be out in the open in which case minors and others who would prefer not to be influenced by cannabis culture would be exposed to it if allowed to grow in your backyard or patio. Because even if legal I would not want my young neices and nephews to know that I occaisionally imbibe in canabis culture. Until at least the age of reason. Then there is the old folks who can’t program an alarm clock , they can’t be expected to read up on the new thinking on the internet regarding canabis and insist that it is the type of thing that contributed to people jumping out of windows.That kind of retardism that is likely being exploited to full advantage by the DEA.

    1. What about cigarettes or alcohol…. There are no difference between those too and Marijuana. But yet we consume and watch commercials in front of kids. Us as humans made cannabis a worry cause of the lack of education and information made on cannabis. Without the info needed to learn about cannabis these laws need to be passed, so that scientist can study and learn the actual effects that cannabis has on the body. There should be no shame on how much you imbibe or consume in front of anybody. Its not a bad drug, its a drug that just got a bad rap from uneducated people that think they know everything. Or politicians use it to gain votes. For DEA… Well like everyone has said they use scare tactics and it seems to work… Well what gets me upset is the fact that they compare a meth house to a grower, is uneducated, selfish and out right ignorant. You don’t hear growers using explosive chemicals or trying to mixed home cleaning products to make cannabis. Its all medium soil, water, plant food, light and air.

    2. The laws in Colorado are still patchy. Denver and the Front Range (as well as liberal islands like Aspen and Telluride) are really the only places where commercial grows are permitted. In most of the rural counties, the local governments have prohibited commercial grows and recreational (and even medical) dispensaries. This creates an environment where there is even more motivation for the general public to do residential, indoor grows. The problems mentioned by the article are legitimate, though admittedly over-hyped, comparison to meth-labs being hyperbole. But there are solutions to all of them. “Tangled Wires” or more generally electrical issues are probably my biggest concern as sufficient lighting and ventilation constitute a huge demand on your typical residential service, and utilizes components (ballasts, 240V lines, large air-conditioners) that your average person just doesn’t understand. Add together a water reservoir and irrigation tubing and you have a big potential for electrical fires. Properly designed, installed, and maintained grow closets, tents, or rooms can eliminate the risks and other nuisances.

      I am absolutely against prohibition, but many people are still sitting on the fence. The best way to get the rest of the people to accept the inevitable is for the vanguard to treat cultivation and consumption with the respect they deserve.

  6. When you’re dealing with the DEA you’re dealing with Amalek. That “UNCLASSIFIED” report is blather behind a thin veneer of a crew cut and pressed grey uniform. Get to know that feeling of contempt and hatred for this pseudoscience sob story. It will be needed to get rid of this monstrosity of crude ignorance.

  7. I can’t wait to the whole medical cannabis communities in the United States stand up to the DEA and show them facts and prove their options to be false, cannabis is a plant and meth are chemicals a scientist knows that from a rocket. The DEA keeps buying time to keep from telling us the truth they come up with lies uneducated people believe them study the facts for yourself and don’t forget no matter what state you vote for medical cannabis.

  8. I get it I understand Free Press and everything but I don’t understand why companies are allowed to put out negative things about cannabis but very few positive Topix on the plant as a whole. The World shows less respect for medical cannabis and look past the purpose which is used for healing that’s sad!! An that’s the truth and no one can deny it, try being a sick patient is no joking matter.

  9. all we need to do is add the other D to DEA spelling DEA = DEAD on Cannabis but until the federal law is revoke this type of people who will continue never the less even when its legalize . because there infected with prohibition sickness of thugs

  10. This is just ridiculous. Besides the obvious reasons, and there are many, Meth not only destroys your body but once you cook that in your house it becomes inhabitable.

    1. You’re very much so right think about it do you see any information on TV or in your local newspaper stating the facts in the dangerous amount the federal government hasn’t even got on national TV and talked about it but yet they target marijuana you do the damn man you’re right. It’s time to let the cat out the bag get this E-cigarette vapors has been out for a very long time without the FDA approval why is it now that they want to regulate the e liquid producer product has not been approved by the FDA to me that is very illegal America when you’re going to wake up and quit letting illegal things happen to you

    1. If you really look at the picture from facts not opinions this country been corrupt from day one also the jurisdiction system also the labor system also the health industry these are the real facts and you are right the cartels are on the DEA like rag dolls on a daily basis having them chasing small-time cannabis plants with a big hard drugs come by the da knows that also local states with law enforcement receive federal grants to fight drug wars. Why when we turn my TV on we do not see major drug busts America deserves to know and see the end the war on drugs but they do not show it to us they just show us marijuana bust simple bust the question where in the f*** is all the money

  11. Its because legalization is threatening their “BUDGETS”. They are about to be out of work, thank goodness..
    The low life prohibitionist have been getting FILTHY rich off this for 60 years and we’re about to turn off their money spigot. I hope they all starve to death frankly.
    They’ve been living high on the hog from all the flesh they have peddled through the prison systems in this country.

    These moron Republicans had better get their heads out of their arses on this subject matter and get on the legalization train before it pulls out of the station and leaves them sitting in stupidville where they’ve been for the last 60 years.
    They are almost, and could still be a chapter in all the “history” books because of their social conservatism run amok. You’d think as well educated as they claim to be they would be able to read the writing on the wall, wouldn’t you?
    They had better get with the program because we as a people need to be very very unforgiving on this matter going forward.

    Its not right for over half of the country to have legalized medical marijuana or outright legalized marijuana and the rest of the country still getting locked up for it just so these butt heads can continue to bilk the American taxpayer out of billions of dollars for a cause that everyone in the world recognizes has been LOST..

    The US governments reaction to legalization for the people, by the people and of the people is beyond immoral. Its tyrannical.

  12. That’s our DEA, protecting us from the dangers of organically grown marijuana while Monsanto GMOs skate free.

  13. They should be put on seminars on how to grow it and sidestep all the problems, as it takes a while to get it down to an art, I mean for the people that are looking to make a buck on pot. Technique is king, I’ll show you how to put your friends in a coma with three simple methods………
    Hey leave the DEA alone, offices need new chairs, supervisors have to go on retreats in the bahamas, come on, you can say ‘civil forfeiture’, pigs wanna party too.

  14. i’m not sure how any member of the Dea are even able to show their faces in public without shame. how long do they think people will believe these lies? I think the whole department should have their faces put on fox hall of shame. then dropped right into prison for life sentences for all the lives they have maliciously ruined over a harmless plant.

  15. OMG in NO way that growing your own in your home compares to Meth houses. Those that grow their own are NOT growing and selling.Get your statements true DEA,instead of making ridiculous statements!!

  16. Should not stick nose were does not belong. Marijuana is a herb put here by our Lord God. This plant should be respected. As half our nations children and adults with critical illnesses relay upon this herb to live a less painful life. Criminals in which disobey laws should be punished for the obtaining of the herb in which It was not intended. The herb marijuana should not be punished or down graded because it is in the hands of those whom do not respect the importance of this plant. Science has provided legitimate confirmation in which I can be used for several illnesses.

  17. It’s hard to believe how ignorant the DEA is. The courts, police and prisons are overloaded with those caught with a relatively small amount of pot. Police have better things to do than going around busting people for a damn joint. And how many more young people’s lives will scarred with a drug possession record? More and more states are either legalizing pot or reducing the penalties for having small amounts. And as far as pot being a gateway drug is a lot of bull. If that were the case hundreds of thousands of people if not millions would have long since died from using hard drugs because they like to smoke pot. It just goes to show you how out of touch Washington bureaucrats are with mainstream Americans.

  18. If anyone should smoke pot, it’s Washington bureaucrats, especially the DEA. And just what does the DEA do with all those drugs they confiscate? I’m going to talk to Donald Trump and maybe he’ll call for an investigation. Maybe the DEA is working with Mexican drug cartels. By declaring pot is still dangerous in its latest Intelligence Report, it will keep the prices high. Yeah, Trump needs to take on the DEA. “Donald, I think the DEA agents are all Democrats!” They’re dumb too.

  19. A new low for the DEA, it cannot get much worse then this. I’m still in shock with the ruling not to reschedule Medical Cannabis. Now they are even taking it further and comparing it to one of the worst drugs on the planet. If it wasn’t such an important subject, it would almost be funny. The DEA have their own agenda and it is all based on money and greed. Too much money is made from the prohibition of cannabis, the medical benefits should always outweigh greed.

  20. “There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others.” “Marihuana influences Negroes to look at white people in the eye, step on white men’s shadows and look at a white woman twice.” “The primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.” “Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death.” ALL QUOTES FROM Harry Anslinger(The “father” of the war on marijuana) consider that THESE statements are what started this whole mess. I wonder what would happen if the DEA used their original argument to back up the war on marijuana…

    1. Also, the idiot the couldn’t even SPELL mariJuana correctly…it’s a j…not an h, ass. Speaking of j’s…;)

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