Dean Ween Announces Plans for Weed-Friendly Music Venue

Weed plus live entertainment? Yes please.
Dean Ween Announces Plans for Weed-Friendly Music Venue
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Dean Ween, guitarist for alt-rock band Ween, just announced plans to open a weed-friendly live entertainment venue in Denver. If Ween follows through on the plan, the proposed venue could become the city’s second operational social consumption space.

Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge

The proposed venue would be called Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge. Plans for the cannabis consumption space and live entertainment venue were announced at a Denver city meeting on Monday.

As reported by the Denver Post, the venue would host live music concerts, comedy events, and would also screen films. And patrons would legally be allowed to consume cannabis while attending the events.

Additionally, Ween’s representatives said the venue would provide educational and wellness programs during the day.

At this time, Ween plans to build the venue somewhere in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood, located close to Coors Field. So far, he has not proposed a precise address.

While Ween still has to obtain all necessary licenses from the city, he said he hopes to open the venue by April 20, 2019. For obvious reasons.

Rules and Restrictions

Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge would take advantage of Denver laws that allow the city to approve designated social consumption spaces. However, it would also require Ween to follow a number of rules and regulations.

For starters, the venue would not be allowed to serve alcohol. This restriction goes for all social consumption sites in Denver.

Additionally, customers would not be allowed to smoke, in keeping with rules that prohibit indoor smoking of any sort. As a result, patrons would probably have to stick with edibles and vapes.

And finally, it seems likely that patrons of Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge would have to bring their own weed with them. That’s because social consumption sites are not allowed to sell weed. They can only allow people to consume it.

Before any concrete action is taken to begin building the venue, Ween must first apply to become a social consumption site. His representatives said he will begin that process within the next few weeks.

Additionally, Ween will need to prove support from the neighborhood. At this point, it’s unclear what this support would look like materially, or if nearby businesses and residents are in favor of Ween’s idea.

Denver and Social Consumption

Denver made history in 2016 when voters approved social consumption spaces. That decision made the city one of the first in the nation to allow this type of venue.

Since then, only one social cannabis venue has actually opened shop. This one is a cannabis coffee shop connected to a dispensary.

Along with the coffee shop and Ween’s proposed cannabis and entertainment lounge, a third social weed shop is reportedly in the works. According to the Denver Post, there are plans to open a 420-friendly arcade sometime during early 2019. The proposed arcade will be called Vape and Play.

The concept of public consumption spaces is becoming increasingly common. So far, most weed-legal states do not allow for such venues. But as new questions about the accessibility of legal cannabis emerge, more and more locations are taking a closer look at the issue.

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