Does Jeff Sessions Have a Memory Problem? Maybe a Little THC Would Help

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Recently we suggested that Attorney General Jeff Sessions might need a little toke to calm himself down before a committee of U.S. senators plied him with questions about Russia meddling in our elections and who was meeting which Russians when, where and why?

Now, it turns out, that the attorney general should have actually heeded our advice but for another reason: to help his failing memory.

Sessions would have done well to read Nature Medicine last month about the German scientists who found that aging mice treated with daily low doses of THC had experienced a reversal of cognitive decline.

The researchers, who will soon repeat the study on humans above the age of 60, foresee cannabis-based treatment as a way of fending off dementia.

Sessions might want to sign up as a volunteer for the study.

As the head of the country’s Department of Justice and a former U.S. senator, one would assume that Jeff Sessions would be able to remember important issues pertaining to our country’s very democracy.

But what we saw was a dishonest man hiding behind a faulty memory while he perjured himself.

California Senator Kamala Harris cut to the chase on her first question:

Harris: Attorney General Sessions, you have several times this afternoon prefaced your responses by saying, “to the best of your recollection.” Just on the first page of your three pages of written testimony you wrote, “nor do I recall,” “do not have recollection,” “do not remember it.” So my question is, for any of your testimony today, did you refresh your memory with any written documents, be they your calendar, written correspondence, e-mails, notes of any sort?

Sessions: I attempted to refresh my recollection, but so much of this is in a… in a wholesale campaign of extraordinary nature that you’re moving so fast that you don’t keep notes.

How does one attempt to refresh their recollection? Sessions admitted he didn’t keep notes “on most things.” Or maybe he did. He just can’t remember.

But back to the matter at hand.

Harris: Did you have any communication with any Russian businessmen or any Russian nationals?

Sessions: I don’t believe I had any conversation with Russian businessmen or Russian nationals.

Finally, Sessions told Harris that she was rushing him and making him nervous.

Sessions repeated to other senators, Democrats and Republicans alike, that he did not have “any recollection of meeting or talking to the Russian ambassador or any other Russian officials.”

Of course, if he did remember, he would “gladly have reported the meeting, the encounter that may have occurred—that some say occurred in the Mayflower, if I had remembered it, or if it actually occurred, which I don’t remember that it did.”

He said the words “I do not recall,” in one form or another, dozens of times throughout the hearing.

How is that even possible?

Jeff Sessions can’t seem to recall, remember, recollect, call to mind, summon up, hark back to, dredge up, be aware of, nor repeat, review or discuss.

Why is this forgetful and shamelessly deceitful man making legal decisions for our country?

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