Drug Traffickers Give New Meaning to the Word ‘Bust’

Last week, Australian police announced the seizure of 720 liters of liquid methamphetamine with an estimated street value of A$1 billion (about US$700 million)—hidden in gel bra inserts.

The laundered bra shipment, which also included art supplies similarly used to hide the meth, was found in a storage unit in Sydney.

Four were charged—three men from Hong Kong and a Chinese national. The joint operation involved the Federal Police, New South Wales police and Australian Border Force.

"This has resulted in 3.6m individual hits of ice being taken off our streets," boasted NSW Justice Minister Michael Keenan. Officials said the operation began in December when Border Force examined a shipping container that had arrived from Hong Kong.

China's Narcotic Control Commission also aided in the bust, sharing information with Australian police.

Methamphetamine is worth more than four times as much in Australia compared with mainland China, and meth use is a fast growing problem Down Under, notes a report on Slant News. As we've noted, meth use is also on the rise in China.

(Photo Courtesy of The Straits Times)

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