Dulze Launches Line Of Cannabis Gummies Featuring Mexican Flavors

Dulze combines traditional Mexican flavors with the healing properties of cannabis.
Dulze Launches Line Of Cannabis Gummies Featuring Mexican Flavors
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California cannabis consumers have a new option in edibles with the recent launch of Dulze, a new line of infused gummies featuring the flavors of Mexico. A collaboration between High Times Top Cannabis Chef Mike Moya and Rene Bosquez, the company said in a press release that it is the first Mexican-owned cannabis edibles brand in California.

The new gummies combine traditional Mexican flavor combinations into a gummy with two milligrams of THC. Classic tantalizing options include piña colada, margarita, horchata, and chili watermelon, described as a “a wild palette of hot and spicy followed by sweet, soothing, and juicy watermelon flavors.”

Dulze’s products are inspired by Moya’s life experiences as a Hispanic person raised in the border town area of Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas, which “really exposed me to so many awesome flavor profiles I had to find a way to bring those flavors to the cannabis industry,” he said in a virtual interview with High Times. “That is how our chili watermelon gummy was created. It’s more than just a gummy, it’s a memory coming back to you as soon as you taste it. That was the goal.”

Moya characterizes Dulze’s gummies as a true plant-to-palate product, manufactured by sourcing the highest quality ingredients and cannabis California has to offer. A unique extraction and coconut oil infusion process produces a full-spectrum oil that retains the beneficial cannabis compounds and results in a more consistent effect. And with only two milligrams of THC per piece, the gummies are perfect for microdosing or for learning the perfect dose to achieve the desired effect.

Nostalgia And Novelty In One Product

With Dulze, Moya has the opportunity to give the Hispanic community nostalgic flavors while introducing the cannabis industry to something new, a winning combination that he’s been perfecting for years. 

“It all started in El Paso, Texas when I got hold of some Sour Diesel shake and made the most beautiful butter I have made to this day,” he remembers. “I then moved to California with a goal to become a cannabis chef. At the last SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup I was fortunate enough to compete in the Top Cannabis Chef Competition and win it all. That opened up the doors and allowed me to showcase my edibles.”

The exposure Moya received eventually landed him a deal as the corporate chef of Superb, allowing him to create Dulze’s products at a licensed cannabis facility in Santa Ana, California. But his success hasn’t come easily, particularly with the considerable barriers to entry into the regulated cannabis industry.

“This has definitely been the toughest journey in my life so far. It’s been six years of long hours, late nights, lots of miles, and definitely so, so much smoking,” he said. “But I have poured everything I have into making this project a reality. There’s been a lot of sacrifices made to get to this point. Barriers will keep coming but with my awesome team we will stay true to our virtues and keep our goals bigger than ever.”

Lab-tested and abuelita approved, Dulze cannabis gummies are currently available exclusively at Dr. Greenthumb’s dispensary in Los Angeles. More information about the brand is available online.

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