Ex-Miss Kentucky Claims She Was Illegally Searched Before Drug Arrest

Ex-Miss Kentucky Claims She Was Illegally Searched Before Drug Arrest
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In 2010, 20-year-old Kia Hampton was the first black woman to represent Kentucky in the Miss USA Pageant. More recently, she’s fighting third-degree felony charges that carry a three-year maximum prison sentence. The ex-Miss Kentucky claims she was illegally searched before her drug arrest on May 26.

The Things We Do For Love

The ex-miss Kentucky was visiting prison when she got arrested, but it looks like she might actually be staying.

Before her visit to the Allen-Oakwood Correctional Institution in late May, officers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol say they listened to recorded phone calls involving Kia Hampton and Jeremy Kelley, an inmate at the prison serving a four-year sentence for drug trafficking.

The conversation led authorities to believe she would be smuggling drugs in for him. Then, the officers used the calls as evidence to get a warrant for a cavity search, the Courier-Journal reported.

During the search, ex-miss Kentucky reached into her waistband and moved a white balloon full of weed, the affidavit stated.

Assistant Allen County Prosecutor Kenneth Sturgill said Hampton’s balloon was filled with approximately 2.82 grams of marijuana, according to the Courier-Journal. That’s not even an eighth of weed. Outside of jail that can be consumed in a night, easily. It seems like she was smuggling just enough to help Jeremy Kelley take the edge off in jail.

She risked up to three years in prison to get her man high a few times. Some might call it stupid, others would call it real love. Someone find me a Kia Hampton.

Fighting The Charge

Hampton was indicted on July 13 by an Allen County grand jury on one count of “illegal conveyance of drugs of abuse onto the grounds of a specified governmental facility.” That’s a third-degree felony, and it carries a three-year prison sentence.

Hampton’s lawyer is fighting the charge because the ex-Miss Kentucky claims she was illegally searched. Her lawyer agrees and doesn’t’ believe she should have been pulled aside and searched. The attorney argued on Thursday that authorities shouldn’t have been given a warrant that called for a strip search.

When someone serving four years in prison for trafficking drugs asks you to traffick drugs, you should probably decline.

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