First THC-Friendly Bar and Restaurant Opens in Tennessee

Buds & Brews is Tennessee’s first brick-and-mortar bar and restaurant to serve hemp-derived THC to the masses.

Tennessee’s first bar and restaurant to serve THC opened today in the Germantown neighborhood located in Nashville. The restaurant gets away with it as the THC in the products is derived from hemp, making it legal at the federal level, according to the company.

Buds & Brews is the state’s first brick-and-mortar THC-friendly bar and restaurant located at 1246 3rd Avenue in Nashville. “Buds and Brews features a menu of upscale bar fare paired with our own line of delicious cannabis-infused sauces,” the website reads.

In other words, the restaurant and bar will serve all-American type dishes, but also provide over 25 THC-infused condiments for common dressings like ketchup, honey mustard, ranch dressing, steak sauce, but infused with hemp-derived THC in 1-5 mg servings.

The restaurant will also feature recently released Cannabis-Infused Beverage Coolers and sauces that contain hemp-derived THC. WKRN reports that you can choose things like “Smokey Margarita” or “Bloody Maryjane.”

While cannabis will be at the bar to consume, the products are divided into individual pouches and jars.

The coolers come in pouches in the following flavors: GrapeApe, LemonHaze, and Sweet Tea OG Kush. The sauces, on the other hand, are made with locally grown and extracted hemp-derived THC. Each sauce contains 5 mg of THC in each jar.

Restaurant patrons can choose from 28 sauces with locally grown and extracted hemp-derived THC. The culinary sauce line includes ingredients such as olive oil or the company’s own specialty barbeque sauce.

Mike Solomon is part owner of Buds & Brews, along with part owner Dalton Crow, and discussed what patrons can expect with local media.

“You can get chicken tenders and then you can order some THC ranch,” Solomon told WKRN. “What is infused is the condiments. We have the 25 most common used condiments from ketchup, honey mustard, ranch dressing, steak sauce.”

In addition, all products are made in Tennessee by Craft Cannabis products.

“Everything is 1 to 5 milligrams a serving, which is very small so you can try a bunch of things,” Solomon said. “A rookie, a novice or an experienced cannabis person can have a fun time here portion controlled micro-dosing.”

“I’m excited to make my footprint and teamed up with some great guys to do it,” said Dalton Crow. “We want to appeal to everyone. We want everyone to try and come give us a shot and try us out.”

For now in Tennessee, only hemp-derived THC can be served at establishments like Buds & Brews. An adult-use bill in the state recently failed to gain ground. The bill, called the “Free All Cannabis for Tennesseans Act,” is effectively dead after its sponsor, state House Representative Bob Freeman, pulled the legislation from the floor.

The Free All Cannabis for Tennesseans Act would have authorized the possession of cannabis and concentrates for adults who are 21 years of age or older and “transfer of marijuana or marijuana concentrate between adults, in permitted amounts, without remuneration,” and the “cultivation of up to 12 marijuana plants for adults.”

It also would have opened up medical cannabis options for minors under the age of 18 by authorizing “a parent, guardian, or conservator to administer a marijuana product, excluding any combustible product, to a minor, over whom the parent, guardian, or conservator has legal authority.”

Until then, fun establishments like Buds & Brews have figured out how to operate within the boundaries of the law.

Buds & Brews will hold an official grand opening on August 20.

  1. I didn’t understand the article. Are people getting stoned from this or is this like CBD?. So it is just trace amounts of THC?

  2. Thiers only like five states in the whole USA that hasn’t made it legal yet and the churches r sinning each and every time the decision comes around to make it legal even for medical use the church’s step in and vote against it or say no to it doesn’t state in the Constitution right amendment that the churches have no say in any lawmaking whatsoever and yet it says in the Bible you’re supposed to fall all rules and laws made by the government so when the church is step out of line and keep saying no don’t make it legal here at all they’re sinning then thier braking thier own rules so burn down those churches why are they there to worship the devil you obviously not doing what God told you to do you’re doing the opposite of what the Bible and what God has told you to do because you’re stepping over the line don’t bother going to church anymore you’re not even doing what you’re supposed to be doing in the first place.. there’s only like five states six states that are not legal yet no more one of them how horrible is that here you go at least for medical use there’s not a single medicine the doctors can prescribe a person for severe nerve damage other than marijuana or THC that is the honest truth I’ve tried all the nerve medication they have side effects the only side effect marijuana and THC has is you get hungry and you go to sleep those are not bad side effects for someone who’s underweight too so you tell me what’s so bad about it if I’m at my own house the whole time I like to know.? Those people with nerve problems that goes into the way of life there’s no medication and doctor can prescribe other than THC or marijuana for those conditions and they don’t shake or have tremors as much anymore Tennessee’s part of the country I figured they would have been one the first well it’s a God fearing State and everyone is breaking the laws and the rules of the Bible so everyone and these god-fearing states are going to hell

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