‘F**k It I Quit’ Reporter Charlo Greene Could Face 24 Years in Prison

Although reporter turned marijuana advocate Charlo Greene launched into infamy a couple of years ago when she said “Fuck it, I quit” during her final newscast on Alaska’s KTVA, very few people are aware that she is currently at risk of being sent to prison for the next two decades for “misconduct involving a controlled substance.”

Calling her case a “modern day lynching,” Greene, whose legal name is Charlene Egbe, recently expressed concern on her blog over the fact that the entire world seemed to join in to spread the word of her saying “fuck” on live television back in 2014, but very few have stepped up to lend any support for the criminal case hanging over her head due to her cannabis club debacle.

“More than 100 million people around the world watched me quit,” Greene wrote. “And of the now 4,000 members of the Alaska Cannabis Club we’ve served to date, there was literally only one person [at the first court date] to support me.”

Recreational marijuana was made legal in Alaska in 2014 after voters approved a ballot measure with overwhelming support. But despite the state’s new pot laws, which took effect on February 24, 2015, the Anchorage Police Department (APD) has acted as though it does not understand what it means to legalize weed—conducting two separate raids on Greene’s Alaska Cannabis Club in March and again in August of last year.

Greene says all of the APD’s shakedown tactics went against the grain of the law.

“The officers acted outside the scope of the warrant, conducting unlawful body searches on patients, threatening all patients and Club volunteers with arrest if they didn’t consent to taking mugshot-like photos on the scene, destroying cameras, seizing vehicles not included in the warrant and not leaving the lawfully required notice behind,” she wrote.

Unfortunately, the raids have resulted in the 28-year-old being charged with 10 felonies and a number of misdemeanors associated with establishing the club. If Greene is convicted, she could spend the next 24 years of her life in a state penitentiary.

The passing of Alaska’s 2014 marijuana law legalized the cultivation, possession and sale of cannabis, but the state has struggled to put together the regulations needed for the retail market. So, while marijuana has not been legal to purchase from pot shops, the “transfer of up to an ounce of pot” has been considered a perfectly legal transaction.

Greene’s Alaska Cannabis Club used this concept by allowing people to purchase memberships and get their hands on complimentary marijuana when they made a donation. It was this business model that prompted investigators to target the club, sending in several undercover officers over the course of a few months to collect enough evidence to build a case.

Although court records show that Greene was not directly involved with any of the transactions that prompted the raids, prosecutors have gone after her exclusively because they say the club and Charlo Greene are one in the same.

On her blog, Greene, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, said the prosecutor lied to the grand jury about the business structure of the Alaska Cannabis Club to convince jurors the charges were justifiable. One juror questioned the district attorney by saying, “I don’t understand [defendant] can be held criminally accountable for actions where we don’t see her actions in any of the—in any transactions here.”

But the district attorney assured the jurors that the club is a sole proprietorship.

“The Alaska Cannabis Club is a sole proprietorship. It’s owned by one person. So there’s not corporate liability, the D.A. explained. “So that’s why you’ll notice the charging document is Charlene Egbe doing business as Alaska Cannabis Club. They are essentially one and the same…”

Greene’s trial is scheduled to begin within the next few months. She hopes some salvation will emerge from the cannabis community and help bail her out of this unfortunate situation.

“I need support now more than ever,” Greene told HIGH TIMES. “I dedicated my life to fighting for the cannabis plant and the people behind it. Now that I could lose the rest of my life because of cannabis, it feels like the people I fought for have abandoned me. I’ve never felt more alone.”

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  1. That’s pretty fucked up that Charlene is going through such a dispute… hey yo high times def keep us posted on this story…

  2. Oh man, that SUCKS! DA trying to make a name for themselves…we have the same type of jerk off in our county here in Northern CA.

  3. Lesson: don’t give Alaska the finger, fuck up our industries, and then look to us for support. There are extra regulations in place specifically because of this greedy bitch. If it’s lynching then we’ll all help tie the rope.

    1. I just want to understand your point of view. Could you elaborate how how she fucked up the industry? I do ageee the finger on public news wasn’t the classiest way to represent MJ support.

      1. She personally caused several overreactions from both law enforcement and the marijuana control board. There are extra regulations, extra penalties, and a complete ban on clubs specifically because of her greed. That’s what formed my opinion.

        1. If you look up the local newspaper, the Anchorage Press, they literally did a cover story about her and her antics and how bad she is for legalization because of her greed and unwillingness to obey the law. She has great a PR team and a great sob story (every time the same, inb4 she accuses someone of calling her the n-word for sympathy) but in person she is a viper and a thief! Her “club” location in downtown anchorage was constantly throwing illegal, ratchet parties… and when they left they LITERALLY stole everything not tied down including a fucking SINK and ruined what they couldn’t take with them… good riddance and I hope she NEVER comes back to ak…

          1. getting humbled for your own actions is one thing, but another to get 24 years for the love of the ” Movement” you so highly talk about is cruel and unfair

          2. see what i don’t understand is why people keep saying 24 years and 54 years as if that’s fact. she could get UP… UP to those years. it’s sensational to keep touting the max as the only likelihood. besides she did this to herself. what she did was basically no different than a mafia operation to strangle out the competition before it became legalized. she’s not a victim of anyone but herself for her actions. the rest of the people following the rules and laws are good to go. she jumped the gun to try and be top of the food chain and now shes getting eaten by the system. people like her are part of why i don’t want it legalized in my state because she represents some of the most horrible aspects of legalization.

    2. What she did was no different that what people do in other states/jurisdictions where no retail regulations have been set up. For instance in DC they have a similar structure for distribution. What this comes down to (and it’s the same in nearly every other legal state) is that the citizens of the state voted to legalize cannabis, but prohibitionists in local law enforcement don’t agree with it so they just ignore the legalization like it never happened. Or they interpret the law in their own special hair brain way so as to continue to pillage cannabis consumers, and producers.

      1. She turned everyone against her, both the supporters and detractors. Nobody wanted her in ANY room by the time she RAN from AK. Sometimes it’s not what you do it’s how you do it that comes back to bite you. She teased the dog through the fence, she deserves to get bit

        1. fuck off you jealous asshole. You’re just mad she had the balls to do something with her life while you’re stuck working a dead end job.

          1. Loool. Yup totally jealous, sure wish I was facing 24 years instead of comfortably working for myself and not being a total outcast to every community I tried to show off to

    1. so is the opium poppy and coca plant.. point? anyways if you break the law in full knowledge of this you aren’t a victim. she should have waited and then she’d have had nothing but smooth sailing but we live in a world where people do things wrong and they think they’re the victims when it blow up in their face. besides people are so silly in their outrage. we all know she’s not going to jail for 54 years. she’ll get a much smaller sentence.. but then that’s not as sensational sounding as 54 years.

      1. Why are you on here? Cannabis is illegal federally, fighting that is one of the things this magazine and site is about, you have to break the law to bring about change, was it legal for colonist to disobey the king and kill his soldiers? Was it legal to help free slaves? Was is legal for blacks to do shit in the 60s around whites? Was it legal to grow cannabis in 1980 California? Was it legal to sell cannabis seeds to US citizens? No but people did it because just being a law does not make it right, going against the law is how you bring change not following like sheep, its just many marijuana smokers are cowards and want others to brunt the burden of prison and losing their life while they sit back waiting, at least she made a stand, more than most of you idiots out screaming legalize it until trouble shows its face.

        1. sure, you can break the law to bring about change, but don’t act surprised when you go to jail for it. there’s a reason she doesn’t get more support – it’s because she expected it even though she didn’t do things the proper way like everyone else who runs a cannabis club and isn’t facing prison time.

  4. After the way she treated Alaskans, she deserves to go through her karma alone. She fully deserves whatever is coming to her.

  5. I’m sorry totally ridiculous!! If she go’s to jail for 24yrs I’ll be a monkey uncle because rappest get 6 month to 1-2 yrs and murders get less then 24 yrs come on. APD had nothing else to do but make an easy bust and asset forfeiture. Who are policing the police. I’m sorry but every one heard that broadcast quiting and made several T.V shows like Ridiculous on MTV. People need to help her.

  6. Hey High Times, why don’t you get in touch with the real marijuana advocates here in Alaska to get the facts straight on Charlo? She was nothing no but a cancer to the movement to legalize and to get Cannabis seen in a different light by the general public, by trying to use her self imposed infamy, bully tactics, and selfish “me first” attitude, and by attempting to skirt the laws by any means possible, while true advocates and businessmen waited patiently for the laws we voted on to be implemented. She is a joke to the movement and to the state of Alaska, do some actual research before putting out such garbage.

    1. You’re a fucking idiot, breaking the law is how cannabis became legal, why do all you “advocates” not see that? It was totally illegal 30 years ago, people growing, smoking, eating, showing no end is in sight is what pushed states to take medical cannabis as well as recreational serious, they finally seen they could benefit in the money, also if you grow marijuana and operate a club that takes donations and gives away free weed you’re not breaking the law, as your not directly selling the herb.

      1. I don’t think you understand how laws work. We didn’t come this far by breaking laws. Calm down and educate yourself..

  7. She doesn’t deserve prison time, nobody does for weed, but she also does incredibly stupid things. She thinks of herself as an advocate for legalization, and thinks she’s being persecuted for that, but she’s really just an example of hubris and recklessness combined. I understand why the people who are carefully and competently pushing for weed legality in Alaska are avoiding her at all costs.

  8. Unfortunate she’s being made an example of, and that no one is supporting her. She should’ve thought this whole thing through a little more so her ass would be covered. I don’t understand how a man who sexually abused a 2yr doesn’t get have to go to prison or file as a sex offender and someone who was actually caught in the act of rape not serve any time.

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